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Mar 9, 2004
NW Chicago Burbs'
I know I've done it. I have days where I dont even get a chance to eat until I get home. I have not had breakfast in months.
Starting off the day with coffee, I tend to get filled up.
Is it just me or does coffee have that effect on you too? Then about 2pm I usually have a bite to eat. (most of the time its lean pork with water chestnuts and peapods with fried rice). At night I have whatever looks good in the fridge. ;)

I was wondering how many of you miss meals, and how often. Do you tend to eat healthy?
sushi, I cook 3 meals a day for my daughter and now that my hubby is home but, I only usually eat lunch and dinner. I also fill up on coffee. I make a 12 cups of coffee and drink about 4 of them.definatly filled by coffee in the morn.
I always cook breakfast(except on the rare occasions that TC does it or hubby takes TC out for breakfast before school)but I don't always eat it. I'm not real good at eating in the morning, but I have to have my coffee!! As for lunch, if just depends on if I'm hungry or not. I did go for a few years only eating 1 meal a day & I tend to fall back into that habit during the summer. I always eat supper though...hubby gets mad if I don't.
I almost never eat breakfast. I would rather sleep a few extra minutes than take the time to cook or eat. I hate eggs and I don't drink milk so that makes breakfast very hard.

I sometimes miss other meals too, but I try not to. For the most part we eat pretty healthy, but there are times we do not.
i tend to skip breakfast almost everyday.
sometimes i'll eat eggs and bacon for lunch.
sometimes a sandwich.
i always eat dinner though.
i don't have conventional meals.
i don't usually eat breakfast. i don't drink coffee like the rest of the crew that have posted, lol. but i fill up on juice and ginger ale as soon as i get up to get my blood sugar going and to wake my brain up.
then i have snacks and half-meals for the rest of the day and drink juice and pop all day and all night long, usually at least 64 ounces.
i usually have, say, a rice krispies treat and juice or a lamb chop and steamed green beans. sometimes only a glass of milk and before i had my PEG tube, Ensure.
to answer the other half of the question...
i'm definately a healthy eater. i don't like very many sweet foods. i watch how much sodium i take in and stop eating the second i notice i'm getting full. i avoid fried foods except for a few things, only use olive and walnut oils, and at last count, had mangoes, 2 kinds of apples, pineapple, a pear, pluots, nectarines, starfruit, kiwifruit, a plum, lemons and limes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in the fruit bowl and fridge. plus too many veggies to list. i eat fruit and veggies daily. i also get lots of variety and keep processed foods at a minimum. i only eat exactly what my stomach asks for or else i don't eat at all.
Several factors play into this for me:

1) If its that time of the month I'm like a cow grazing all day ;) First it might be something sweet........no thats not what I'm craving I want something salty........no thats not it either........and so on.

2) If I work that day.......either 11 am to 11 pm or 4pm to 11 pm.... I generally only eat the one meal. Sometimes its lunch and sometimes it dinner. On a few occasions I've been so busy running my tail off that I may not eat till I get home from work which is usually 11:30pm..........so I may have only had my ritual 3 cups of hot tea that morning and 2 bottles of water during work.

NOTE: My system is weird if I'm really busy at work or at home say working in the yard or doing a thorough cleaning I don't get hungry at all.

3) If I don't work I generally eat lunch and dinner. But no matter what I always drink my 3 cups of hot tea in the morning.

I'm not a breakfast person really. I will eat it everyonce in awhile.

But no matter how many times I eat a day the family always eats 3 meals.
coffee fills me up until 2 or so...
then I snack on lunch and
make dinner around 7 or 8.

I always eat breakfast with my coffee (hypoglycemic)
so I start with a Promax bar - the honey-peanut one - as it has 20gm protein & it actually tastes really yummy.
It's also good, since I go to the gym most mornings, and it's not good to work out on an empty stomach.
I NEVER miss any meals - particularly breakfast as it really is the most important meal of the day!

Think about it, you have been asleep for 8 hours on average & you probably didn't eat for several hours before retiring for the night! (Hence the name - "Break Fast" or end of fasting).

I start with a fry up, bacon, eggs, soda bread, potato bread, pancakes, fried tomatoes, a fried banana, sausages and a big mug of black tea.

Lunch is usually potatoes and meat or fish or chicken with 2 vegetables.

Dinner is usually something similar but smaller. I usually have "elevenses", a cup of tea and a cookie and the same around 3pm.

That way (I believe) my body never has to store fat as it is always well fed. My risk of developing diabetes is lower as my blood sugars are maintained at a more or less constant level.

I avoid processed foods like the Plague and would NEVER set foot in a fastfood place except for a cup of tea or a coffee. Ronald MrDonald would hate me! :LOL:
I can't get started without breakfast. I usually have cereal or hot oatmeal. If I'm on the road that day I'll have a bagel or granola bar. The only time that I don't eat breakfast is if I'm up really early (say 4-ish).

I try to have a healthy snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, along with a small lunch and dinner.

My problem is the snacking all day. It's more of an issue during the week. My job is so dull, picking at snacks is something to do and make the time pass--a very dangerous thing! I tend to skip lunch on the weekends--we have earlier dinners since I'm home to cook earlier.
i do the same sometimes. i probably only eat an actual breakfast once a week, but i do pick at the fruit and veggies (and fingertips) that i chop for the birds every morning, and take a swig of oj or chocolate soy milk. my schedule changes so often that i can never get on a routine for more than a few weeks at a time.
I never miss a meal, intentionally. Every once in awhile I will get busy at work and forget to eat lunch on time. I always have breakfast, even if it is just a bowl of cereal. I pack a bunch of things in my lunch that are easy to eat on the go. Then if I get busy and don't have time for lunch, I can grab something and eat on the way to the next job or project or fire that I have to put out.
If hubby is home we eat breakfest, other wise i don't eat anything until about 1:00. Then don't eat agaim until evening. When hubby is home we eat 3 meals aday. More fun cooking for 2 then one.
I'm like a lot of the members here, I fill up on coffee in the morning. Rarely will I actually eat solid food. I usually don't eat lunch until late, like about 4 pm or so, as this is when we get the afternoon meal at work. If I'm working early (like I have to all next week), then I'll eat the 10:45 am meal as well. I'll eat dinner (if anything is left) when I get home, usually between 8 pm and 11 pm, depending on business.

I've been off work the past three weeks, as the country club I work for shuts down in Feb. I've been trying to eat lunch, but I usually don't really get that hungry until later. I've been cooking dinner most nights, and usually don't get dinner done until 7 pm or later. PeppA and her mom are used to eating later, sometimes as late at 10 pm.

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