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Tony M

Senior Cook
Sep 15, 2008
Carson City, NV
Picked this home built unit up over the weekend. Price was too good to pass up, I just had to get it. Gee, do you think $250 was too much to pay for this?

Here it is just towed home...

Here it is cleaned up...

Overall it is in excellent condition. I have a few mods in mind.

Saturday night I broke it in with two pork butts and three racks of beef ribs. Even with a ventilation problem (the right side is not as sealed as I want it to be) I was able to maintain a 225 - 260 temp, with spikes up to 300 for 11 hours. Used Kingsford and applewood. No pics of the cook, was too drunk. ;)

I bet I could cook 30 briskets on this big boy!

- A very happy Tony M
Wow thats a purty unique design. Betcha whoever built that puppy was maybe into whole hawgs. Looks like mo of the pit swings skyward than remains behind to guard the wimmen and chillins. Course for an old yankee hawg heater the only alternative would be to split it down the middle which really aint the ideal scenario either. Would not trust that axle to travel much faster than could be attained by pushing it by hand. Great find.


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