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Oct 10, 2018
I have a recipe for no knead bread and it makes round sandwich buns in a Dutch oven. I want the sandwich buns to be like hoagies. I don't think they will fit in Dutch oven. What does the Dutch oven add? Can I use a large fry pan w lid?
How are those round buns shaped in a Dutch oven? Are they shaped round, then just put together in a pan, like sticky buns, and peeled apart, once baked? I'm not sure what the advantage of the Dutch oven is, but it does make good bread with a thick crust, when making one loaf.

It seems if I were trying for elongated rolls, I'd either bake them separately, on a sheet, or put the shaped dough for the elongated rolls in a rectangular pan, slightly apart, to let them rise, and touch slightly, before baking, then come together more, as they bake. These would probably be the "peel apart rolls" you'd be looking for.

The advantage of the cast iron Dutch oven is that it holds heat well and the heat plus the lid create steam from the water in the dough to create the quick rise. The steam moistens the outside of the dough, keeping it soft enough to rise before the heat begins to set the dough and it can't rise anymore. That's also why you have to slash it - to give the further rise a place to go.

You can try it in a cast iron skillet that has been preheated. You can also try a different dough that can be baked on a sheet pan.
Yes, you can use a large fry pan with lid.
If you have a cast iron one - perfect.

Part of the idea of the pre-heated Dutch Oven is the speed, heat distribution and retention.
Thanks for the response. I am looking for an easy recipe for elongated sandwich rolls that aren't like wonder bread inside. I think Artisan would be best.
you could actually just bake them (have an oven stone? - don't matter if you don't)

Preheat your oven as directed and add a pan of water on a lower rack, shape your bread/rolls/buns, place on a sheet (lined with parchment paper and/or corn meal) - bake your bread as directed (15-20 minutes?)

This will give you your crunchy crust especially if you have a water spritzer. Spritz once when you put them in the oven and about 1/2 way thru baking.

Because they are smaller pieces you will have to figure the timing out. If you have a thermometer the temperature of the inside bread should be about 200 F.

Good luck - let us know.
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