Bread flour decision based on misadventures

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Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
So I have finally decided that I will use the Bread Flour strictly for buns and molding shapes etc. It is not very good for a loaf.
Today I made a 1.5# loaf of white. 1# into the Pullman and the other .5 into fantan buns.
My timing was waaay off as I had to fetch the kids from school today.
The fantans were in the oven and really had another 10 minutes to go. Just turned the oven off and went to fetch.
Meanwhile, the pullman part was rising (in the laundry room on top of the dryer, which was going - warmest place in my apartment, LOL). Unfortunately, again, my timing was off. When I went to put the lid on it was a good inch maybe 2? above the pan. :mad: So no lid and far too tall for me to bake in the toaster oven. It would have to go in the oven upstairs (before DIL got home to make supper!)

Picked up kids, took fantans out of the oven, reheat oven, baked buns another 10 minutes - they came out fine.
fantan buns 23.10.30.jpg there was actually one more but my son was hungry. ;) met with his approval though!

Baked loaf upstairs. I now had a "mile high, pie in the sky" loaf of bread.
mile high, 23.10.30.jpg

that was impossibly too soft to slice nicely mile high too soft 23.10.30.jpg
Oh yeah, they look and taste fantastic. Thanks msmofet.

I actually thought of that pepper - really don't know why I didn't. I did that once before but wasn't happy with the results. Nevertheless - I certainly will next time if it happens again. LOL practice makes perfect!

Just what do you mean jennyema?
I don't think bread flour is a problem either, :) if used in the right way, which it wasn't in this circumstance, it is perfectly fine. I'm saying it is too soft and fluffy for cutting/slicing as sandwich bread - unless of course, it is a couple of days old bordering on stale.
" . . . my timing was off . . . " pretty much explains what I see in the pix.
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