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Dec 4, 2007
Austin, TX.
Do Y'alls Non stick skillits work like the ones I see on TV? When I use oil, fry 2 sausage links, then add 2 eggs till done. They do slide out of the pan fairly easy with a rubber spatula. But I can't just clean the pan with a paper towel, like they show on tv. Am I doing something wrong? Or do I need to trade in my T-fal for a diamond and granite skillet? Eric
Non stick cookware for me is to buy decent and toss out when the life is over. I like T-Fal for this very reason. I can easily wipe out any of my T-Fal non stick pans with a paper towel. I do not do this in place of washing. I do this when I am using the same pan for multiple stages of cooking. Like bacon first then eggs. Over time the surface will not perform like new. But I can say I get a few years from my most used non stick pans.
If you cannot wipe the surface clean (not washed clean) with a paper towel I would say its time for a new pan.
I like T-Fal. They have a better line as well. I see the chef Jamie (English guy) and he uses the better line.
When I need new I will buy whats on sale.
Do not reach any conclusions based on what you see in a TV ad. If you non-stick pan cooks to your satisfaction, that is it cooks eggs without sticking, be happy. When that no longer works, toss the pan and get another. DO NOT spend a lot of money on a non-stick pan.
I disagree about not spending more for a better quality non-stick pan. I bought a ScanPan skillet in February of 2017 and it still works fine. I bought a T-Fal pan previously and it was terrible after a year. I figure I have saved back more than I would have spent on bargain T-Fal pans and I didn't have to go shopping for them and I didn't add all those used ups skillets to the landfill.
I've had many non-stick pans that lasted me years - until my (late) brother came along. He knew how to cook only one way and that was on high heat. So much for those pans, :rolleyes:

IMHO - used correctly, there should be no reason to have to replace them.

Weird thing, I still have my brother's electric fry pan which is coated - there is a slight circle mark you can see where the burner is underneath. But the coating is not ruined and it works just fine! Use the minimum oil and is perfect. LOL Guess he just couldn't get the high heat he needed to ruin it.
I have a small Jamie Oliver Tfal pan that Ive had for 10 years and its still going strong.

I have one pricy All Clad nonstick skillet and its also 10 years old and going strong.

Most of my other nonstick are cheap -o's that I toss when the surface goes bad.
I've done pretty well with the non stick pans with a coating called granite stone. You can find them on Amazon. Truthfully I do oil the pans lightly when I use them. I tried the ones advertised on TV and found that they work as promised for a while but not a long while. The granite stone pans last quite a while.
I have 2 T-Fal frying pans that are no longer completely flat and they are not that old. I'm looking at replacing them with something better. Suggestions please?
I have 2 T-Fal frying pans that are no longer completely flat and they are not that old. I'm looking at replacing them with something better. Suggestions please?
The key to prevent warping is to look for pans with a thicker metal. Many non-stick pans are made with aluminum. Thinner ones will warp easily.
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