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Pigs On The Wing BBQ

Master Chef
Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York
Mom tells me that my grandma and her mom (great grandma) went to this. It was passed on to my mom in 1953. Seven years before I was born! 8)




Too cool. Not too many heart friendly recipes in there.
Dang Pigs that looks like a keeper. Seems like they ate about the same stuff we eat nowadays.
bknox said:
Super Cool! I love old and obscure cookbooks. My earliest is in the 30's and has a 'possum recipe in it. I have always wondered how many people actually ate 'possum for it to be recipe in a cookbook.
Post it. Got to be less greasy than wood chuck! Dang, as I kid living in the woods in the summer break with friends, chuck, squirrel, and Northern pike is what we ate. Along with leaks from the creek bank. We all had to check in, show up at the house every day just to let the folk know every thing was okay, and we were not starving. :LOL: Gee mom, don't ya think if it sucked, I'd be home? We were "hardcore" no tents, just a makeshift lean to in the wood's. I had my .22 l along with my 410 shot gun. Wish we had a chain saw back then, hatchet, axe, and bow saw is all we had. Boy Scouts are pussy's compared to how we rolled! Spices, flour, eggs, (fresh from the farm need no refrigeration) butter, Milk we kept in the creek along with the stash from everyone who stole beer from there folk. Put a few big rocks in the bottom of the cheap Styrofoam cooler, cut a rectangle opening near the bottom, and the same near the top, secure with the clothing line ya cut down with your mammas laundry line with a pocket knife to tie the lid down, secure the end of the line to the biggest tree near the bank to get to. There was NO plastic milk jugs, Plastic bags sucked, butter and bacon, cold cuts, exc. were stored in mason jars in the creek. damn, it was fun!
Here you go. From America Cooks, recipes from the 48 states. I was mistaken about the date. It was printed in 1940. My cookbook from 1932 has a great introduction I recite to my wife on how to act when the husband comes home. It states that there should be a cocktail ready and not to talk to much. Needless to say this has not been working so good yet.

Here is the other. Sorry they are so big. I am in a hurry.
They should print those instructions in the "Introduction'in every cookbook. Nice!
Pigs that is sweet and it looks to still be in excellent condition! I'd imagine that NOTHING in that book is considered "health" by todays standards. Bet they are all fantastic though!
Thanks Chuck. It is in great shape, I thought about doing the foodsaver thing on a few of the old ones, but then I do enjoy them every now and then on a rainy Sunday to make a recipe I have never done before.
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