Odd Marketing Campaigns

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Aug 20, 2021
Somewhere in the PNW
We had to take the Jeep to the dealership for service. When we arrived, the Scheduling person came out to meet us and offered the items shown below. Telling me that they "literally give a duck." :unsure: Having worked in Marketing for many years, this is not a campaign I would have suggested. Is it just me? I'm not offended, but I could certainly see how others might be.

When DH saw what she gave me, he had two comments...one he told her, "I don't want more ducks!," as he pointed to the dashboard of the car behind us...they had 3 ducks. She was confused, so he had to explain, "Please fix it so I don't have to come back." Her comment was, "I don't think I'll give them another one." Then, he told me, looks like Army duck. I guess I should have asked if she had a Navy duck instead, for Navy DH?
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Aunt Bea

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Mar 14, 2011
near Mount Pilot
I always ask myself who is paying for these things and the answer is usually me.

Dazzle me with great service at a fair price and I will become a repeat customer.

I find it annoying when another auto manufacturer boasts that they donate $250.00 to charity for every vehicle sold.

Why not give me the discount and let me decide what, if any, charity I would like to support.
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