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Sep 6, 2017
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I’m usually partial to the “not from concentrate” orange juice that’s sold in cartons or bottles. My favorite is the one that claims to be squeezed from Florida oranges, and I prefer “no pulp.” I usually get the the fortified kind (vitamin D and calcium).

I guess fresh squeezed is okay, but it depends on the quality of the oranges, which can be a huge variable. And for some reason, to me, they taste as orange-y as the store-bought stuff. I wonder if that’s because the store-bought stuff is pasteurized...

Then there’s frozen orange juice concentrate. It’s all we drank when I was a kid. I really didn’t like it much; Mom had a tendency to over-dilute it, I guess in a bow to frugality. It’s presence in grocery stores has diminished greatly, and I think there’s only one brand now, at least in my local Smith’s (Kroger). I had a can in my freezer for the longest time. I think I bought it because a recipe I had for cranberry sauce that I ended up not making required it. But we were out of oj, and so I made it. I didn’t follow my mom’s example, and it was actually not bad! (It was really not too bad when mixed with vodka, but I digress.) It was kind of nostalgic, actually!

So, what do you all prefer? Fresh squeezed, not-from-concentrate, or frozen concentrate? Or do you use all three, depending on what you’re using it for? And I guess I left out “not frozen, but from concentrate,” which I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly tried.
I don't care as long as it isn't from Florida grown oranges.:mad:
Look up Florida Citrus Canker Eradication Program.:mad: I'd just love to see citrus growers crops wiped out!
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I try to avoid frozen concentrate last all costs. Like you, my mom over diluted it. In addition to that, it seems to have lost is 'fresh' taste and has that ' i was made from concentrate ' taste. Although it is drinkable, not something I look forward too. Fresh squeezed is good as long as you use good oranges, but it takes a decent amount of oranges to get enough juice, so from a laziness perspective, I prefer to just get juice from a carton. My usual go to would be Tropicana with Pulp. I find ( to me at least ) that it tastes very good and its consistent in flavor. I have had other brands that taste very good also, but i always forget their names. If my memory was better and I remembered their names, Id have no problems buying them too.
We don't buy much juice any more but when we bought OJ, it was a plastic bottle of NFC juice.
I admit I am one of those parents that diluted the frozen OJ concentrate. Also lemonade and limeade. The only frozen I buy anymore though are the last 2.

I prefer OJ cartons. Bottles are more expensive for some reason, and it tastes the same to me. This frequently gets diluted a little as well

My dilution method. Tall glass. Ice. 2/3 OJ. 1/3 Sparkling H20.

Btw-- Deschutes ( Bend Ore) specialty brewery makes a Fresh Squeezed IPA. It's web site says it has a juicy citrus /grapefruit flavor profile. I think it's a bit hoppy, but may be an adequate substitute if you run out of OJ.
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The only orange juice that comes into our house is NOT made from concentrate.

Kroger has what we consider to be a tasty not from concentrate version. When it's on sale we like Florida's Natural.

One of the reasons we won't purchase any of the concentrated ones is that the juice is shipped in tanker trucks and it's uncertain what was in the tanker before the juice was put in now how well the tankers were cleaned and sanitized. May sound a bit goofy but that's how we roll in our house.

The only time we "treat" ourselves to orange juice is for Sunday breakfast. The rest of the week it's pineapple/orange Tang.
Can somebody explain why buying "not from concentrate" is a big deal? It all tastes the same to me, so if it's on sale it goes in the cart.
Actually I prefer the cartons of mixed juices, but SC likes just orange.
If you do a taste comparison, side by side of fresh squeezed, frozen and the "never frozen" stuff in the refrigerate section of the store you may be surprised.

The "fresh" in the bottle stuff is MUCH stronger. The reason is that for most brands they add flavor packs that are designed to make them taste richer.



Properly stored frozen should taste good and you can control the strength.

If you like really fresh squeezed but not the hassle and expense, consider adding 1 fresh orange to a can of frozen.

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We don't drink juices at all. I buy the frozen concentrate once or twice a year to use in making orange chicken or orange beef. I use it undiluted, it is sour and sweet, really delicious in a sauce. We eat whole fruits.
...The "fresh" in the bottle stuff is MUCH stronger. The reason is that for most brands they add flavor packs that are designed to make them taste richer...

Citric acid is often added to brighten up the flavor of citrus.
I buy Florida's Natural because it's never concentrated or frozen, and it's 100% Florida oranges. Tropicana and Simply Orange use Florida oranges and oranges imported from Mexico and Brazil. I also own a juicer and have made my own fresh orange juice from Vanelcia oranges I bought at freeway off-ramps for a buck a bag, but it is very labour intensive.

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I hate to break it to you, but even the big brands like Florida's Natural and Simply Orange, are not fresh squeezed orange juice. They are not made from frozen concentrate, but they are just as processed as the frozen-concentrated stuff.

I buy Simply Orange because I like it. That's the only reason. I know it is highly processed, just like all the other big brands, but it tastes good to me.

Unless you squeeze it yourself, or buy it from a store that squeezes it on-site, it is processed -- whether part of that process is concentrating and freezing, or not.

Short video...




Orange Juice is great. I love it -- sometimes with vodka. ;)

But, it is one of the most misunderstood beverages on the market. As consumers, we have basically been conned.

BTW, Craig, I love Florida oranges, but when it comes to grapefruit, Texas Ruby Red blows Florida grapefruit away. :cool: :D :angel:

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I don't drink orange juice but DH does. We get the Kroger brand without pulp. I'm not bothered by most processed foods, so it works great for us.
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