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Mighty tasty stuff. Had a big old storebought pastrami Reuben for supper last night. Not as good as this one I'm sure.
Awsome lookin pastrami Pigs, do you use a meat slicer or cut by hand?
It get's cut by hand. My old Globe slicer checked out a few years back. To get the motor rewond would have cost big bucks. :(
I miss it.

Now what cut of meat have we pastramizied here? It dont look too much like brisket. Now I had one once upon a time with a flat that thick..but was skerred to turn it in thinking they woulda thought it was a pot roast or something. Enquiring minds need to know this kinda stuff. Sure good to have you back in the posting mode..if that aint been mentioned previously.
starwalt12 said:
I must know how to do this please........

That was a corned round. I solked it in water to get rid of some salt in it. I changed the water 4 times about every 3 hours. Crust is coriander, black pepper, and a few other things. As soon as I find the recipe, I'll post it. Good Luck.

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