Pigs tails ???

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Apr 9, 2004
:oops: hi all, has any one got any recipe for pigs tails ?
not stew though .... :?
The local stores in mjy area sell pig tails so I have always known that some people eat them...but I do not know how to cook them.
The only time I've ever even heard of anyone eating a pig's tail was in Laura Ingalls Wilder's book Little House in the Big Woods. After they butchered a hog, the girls held the pig tail over the fire, then when it was crisp they chewed on it. I love ox-tail soup, but I never thought about eating pig tails.

:) Barbara
Some people in the south eat pickled pig tails, same as pickled pigs feet. I did find some recipes for other ways to cook them including barbequed:
That's an interesting site for other "parts" that are usually thrown out. For straight pickling:

Some other pig tail and/or feet recipes:

Enjoy, pig tails are good, just pork. Pork is awesome, a friend of mine is fond of saying " I love pork, I'll eat anything from the rooter to the tooter" lol. Kinda gross but alot of people in the south eat all parts of the pig. Pork brains and scrambled eggs are delicious, I grew up eating them, probably not something you would first try as an adult but if you want something delicious and can find the brains (canned) here is a recipe:
The Armour (Hormel) company used to make pork brains in milk gravy, not sure if you can still get it (here is a link with an actual picture, these are the one's I grew up eating):
You may be able to find them in your area from here:
goto the store locator link on the left, brains are under foods, other meats, armour star meats. Try it you'll like it. Also here's an article from 1996 on them:

If anyone can find these in a store by them please contact me I need the 5.5 oz. cans, Like a case or so to start so if you see them somewhere please email me and let me know. Thanks!
Stew would be my call too...

I dunno... Deep fry them until they're a snack food? Or make them into jerky?

Yeesh... When pork's only worth, what, $1.69/lb for sirloin chops? Why would you get the tails? :confused:
chuckum on BBQ, through a little spice on them and maybe you wont no what your eating!
Have you tried them on the barbecue? Here barbecued sheep's tails are a delicacy - crispy skin and lovely to chew on. The same can be done with pigs' tails. And have you ever tried pigs' ears? Yummy.
stew recipe please!

Hey, I'm in Belize, originally from the US and there is at least one good reason to eat pig tail here: it's fricking cheap! :LOL:

However, I can't find any recipes online, except using the salted/pickled tail in the US or other countries as salt meat for beans, etc. The stuff I have access to is fresh..well, frozen, but not processed in any way, pig tail.

So please, bring on the recipes!
Ah memories.....aren't they grand? My dad had his "play room" behind the garage. Dad was Italian and one of the most social people I've ever known and he loved to cook...actually I think what he loved best was feeding people so he had to cook :) In his play room he had a side by side refrigerator freezer always stocked with wine, champagne, salami, pepperoni and other goodies. He had a BeerMeister too and frequently commented that one had to continuously check the beer to make certain the keg hadn't gone bad.

He would pickle various things (besides himself and his friends ;) ) including pigs feet. I carefully avoided his experiments. He especially enjoyed making drunk watermelon which we all considered harmless until my son innocently got ahold of one when he was 5 years old and got plastered with it! Dad was not good at labeling or keeping track of which things in that fridge had been "tampered" with.

He also made the best lasagne, rabbit & polenta and rissoto in the whole world - mostly because all of his dishes were seasoned with love.
Oxtail soup------yummmy. I don't make this soup myself but I'm sure you'll find the recipe on line somewhere. The best oxtail soup I've had comes from Cailfornia Hotel,Vegas.....Linaka

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