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Feb 11, 2007
Not having a pressure cooker forum like the slow cookers have.... :rolleyes: I stuck this question here.

Does it make any difference how much of something you put in a pressure cooker, in relation with how long it takes to cook it after reaching pressure?

I've been cooking 3, 4, 5 country cut ribs at the same length of time and they always come out. What if I put in 10, obviously having to stack them, but separating them with silverware, carrots or something.

Things I'm thinking of are; it takes longer to nuke two potatoes than just one, but, I can cook 10 pieces of chicken on a grill in the same time it takes me to cook one.
I'm not familiar enough with oven cooking to know if you have to allow more time if you are cooking more of a particular item. Say, baking 12 chops compared to just a couple.

And, do you think I would need to rearrange the ribs partway through the cooking process? Switch the upper ones with the lower ones?

Anyone with any experience in this?

same amount of time. the steam will be just as hot everywhere in the pc. a 3# pork loin takes the same time as a 6# pork shoulder, for example.
Your example is interesting though. I would have thought a big hunk of meat would take longer than one half its size.
Technically, it does take longer, just not longer under pressure. It will take longer to come up to pressure though as that bigger hunk of meat will slow down the temperature rise of the pot.

To a point.

Once the outer sections of the meat are hot enough for the water to boil. the pressure rises and you're on your way.

You have to remember that you're actually fairly limited in how much will safely fit in a pressure cooker under the max fill line. So it all cooks about the same once you're at pressure.

Love pressure cooked risotto. 6 minutes under pressure, no stirring. Very quick.
pacanis - you aren't actually using a "bigger" hunk of meat - just more ribs. You don't even have to separate them. They might take a bit longer...for sure it will take longer to come up to pressure. After that timing should be pretty much the same - roughly what, 18 or so minutes after coming to high and then reducing?

You do not need to re-arrange or move from top to bottom - they will be fine as is.

Now, if you WERE cooking a 7 lb. pork butt versus a 12 lb. pork butt THAT would definitely take more time. But your ribs are separate. You could even put them in in a cross hatch pattern if that makes you feel better. :chef:
Thanks for the additional input. That's what I was thinking.... longer to get up to pressure, but the same cooking time after that.

And I had forgotten all about the max fill line. Thanks Thymeless. I'm clonking myself on the head right now (lol). Important safety info I had forgotten.
Well, I cooked nine of these up last night (one package) and they came out as juicy and tender as always, using the same time. Moreso actually. The difference; I had a lot more juice from them. The liquid in my PC had easily tripled, which means some of the ribs were cooking in the juice. I was using my sear and PC method, resting the ribs on a rack to keep them out of the liquid. This way they retain more texture (I think). The ribs that had been in the juice fell right apart as I was lifting them out. Not that that's a bad thing.... but it wasn't exactly what I was going for. I think I'm going to reduce my cooking time next time and see what that does. Maybe less cooking liquid, too.
I have a pressure cooker, but don't know how to use it so I haven't. is there any good sites that have recipes and how to do them in a PC?
Miss Vickie's Pressure Cooker site is a great help for anyone using a pressure cooker. She has tips starting off as well as great recipes and basic guidelines (like how long to cook beans/grains) for the more experienced. Miss Vickie's site and Lorna Sass's books are my regular references for PC cooking.

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