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buckytom said:
i support the right to arm bears...

Silly boy, we don't eat bears. Elk, deer, duck, dove, geese. yes. bears? well, not yet.

recipes for water fowl or a more pedestrian species?
actually, bears are tasty, a bit gamey for most people, but i am a committed carnivore. i love animals dearly, wanted to be a veteranarian when i was a kid, but i also love how they taste. so long as you don't kill the beasties in a cruel way, or raise them in an unnatural way, or abuse or tease them or anything, i think it's all part of the food chain. i've struggled with wanting to be a vegetarian, but just can't give it up...

but i do think it should be a fair fight. so teach a bear to ambush it's "prey" today...
One thing to remember about bear meat (and raccoons) is that they eat trash, and therefore, are to be considered contaminated with the trichonella worm. You have to cook these critters well-done, just like pork (before pork was safe).

That said, I offer this image:

I got 6 teal do you cook them? I usually just pot roast them, but I'm sure there's other ways. let me know if you have something different. I like to stuff them w/jalapano's and rub em down w/Tony's..

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