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Jun 3, 2004
We're off to our first compeition of the year, King's Mtn.
Won't be online for a few days. No misbehaving now!

We've won this one before, and would like a repeat!
We had fun! Great to see all our friends, meet new ones. It was pretty windy al weekend, chapped my lips. Got chilly Fridat night (coldest it has ever been there). Thank goodnees no rain, which was a good thing. 41 teams, a record for this contest.

Made a Shoeny's strawberry pie for the Anything Butt. Knew we probably wouldn't win, as the crust crumbled so the presentation was not what it should have been. The judges ate it all! However that doesn't always tell you anything. We didn't get a overall sheet for the Anyting Butt to know what place it came in. Inspite of the presentation, it got some fairly good scores.

We finished:

13th in chicken
22nd in ribs
9th in Pork
10th in brisket

8th Overall

Again the ribs killed us. Can't figure out what has happened to the ribs.
There may be a couple hundred. They have them all over the world on about every weekend of hte year. Some weekends will have several (in different states) etc.

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