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Sep 12, 2004
Has anyone had any experience with Silga cookware? Williams Sonoma has a really nice roaster for $169.000 that is Silga...I think it is made in Italy. Has anyone used this line? Is it worth the cost? It is a beautiful has the heaviest bottom I have ever felt.
Never heard of Silga .... but for a roaster pan I wouldn't get too excited over any brand. I would be more interested in the size, and the price.
In my opinion, a roast cooked in a disposable foil pan can taste just as good as a roast cooked in a $300 pan. In other words, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a roasting pan. The less spent, the better, in my opinion.
Kitchen Aid has just come out with a new roasting pan...I think it is a fabulous pan. It is around $100 what is that $ it is about $80US. Pst 8)
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