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Toby Keil

Executive Chef
Jan 15, 2008
Thousand Oaks, CA
Came home tonight and the boss said, "your daughter and I are going out" so I said have fun and see you later. Since it was just me and the boy for dinner, I took some yard birds out of the fridge and opened a few cans of creamed corn. Grilled the chix with some Texas Grilling Magic and once the skin was nice and crisp, I squeezed some fresh orange juice on em and let em cook a tad longer. My boy took a big bite of his bird then had a big drink of mile and said "This is the best chicken ever daddy". I love it when my kids like my cooking.

The yard bird just off the grill, sorry for the crappy pic.

My plate.
Excellent lookin' yardbird. Don't worry about the pic -- I can't ever get a decent pic when the food is on tin foil.

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