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Lookin fine bluz! I had forgotten about Wickers. Haven't heard about it in years. I notice you're from KY. I'm in western KY ( Henderson County) , and now I have to see if I can still find Wickers here..
All looks good Bluz, I love that barrel. I have a couple butts in the fridge right now ready to go on the WSM later tonight. I did two Griff Loafs with my soon to be 1 year old grandson and he will help me finish the butts tomorrow. You can't start them too young :LOL:


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Pigs did the John Henry's look familiar?
Man the whole family loves that rub on chicken!
Thanks for broadening my horizons brother ;)

Thanks Ron :D

Appreciate it bolognaringranch I'm in Christian County.
The only place I can find Wickers anymore is Kroger.

Thanks bbquzz :D Looks like you've got your grub on too!
Man I wish I had me a liitle BBQ Buddy, that's a fine lookin' grandson
you got there ;)

Great slide show and the food looks awesome. Ever time I see you smoker I get barrel envy. That thing is a beauty
Thanks much Vermin999! I don't pull the WBS
out as much as I need hasn't let me down yet :D

Appreciate it Toby keil! I agree on the rollin' text,
this is the first & last time I use it :roll: :LOL:

Oh Yeah!! My Bluz Brother is BAACCKKK!!! Smoking Grub and Smokin Tune! Yardbird, Burgers , Pulled Pork and Ms.Koko Taylor pitchin a Wang Dang Doodle. That's what I'm talkin bout. Everything looked great brother.
Thanks much Shores :D

californiagrillin appreciate it my Cali brother of the Blues ;)

I can't see any slideshow. I used my facebook to connect. I bet it was cool...
Oh yea WANG DANG DOODLE!! looks great Bluz a couple of those burgers would be nice about now. :eek:) the more I see those cast iron grates the more I think I need some! keep those vids coming man!
Appreciate it evapman! Go for the cast iron'll never regret it ;)

Great slide show, and you can send this Cincinnati boy any of those tasty morsels!!.... :D Roger
Thanks Roger :D
Ain't got any of that Skyline
Chili layin' round do ya?
I'll take a 3 way :LOL:

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