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Apr 8, 2006
West Seneca NY
D's been asking for some slim jims so last night we did up 10lbs of Slim Jims (they are kind of hard to see behind the peparoni), we also did up 10lbs of peparoni 5lbs of summer sausage. They have been on low temps since last night and will be ready later in the day/night

Dang have done turned yourself into a world class sausage maker type dude. Congrats. Now let me axe you a question or two on the slim Jims. Did you use sheep casings? Reason I axe is because I have a theory that a person could make that kinda stuff case less..just it comes extruded out of the stuffer/grinder etc. Did some Brown n Serve type sausages one time using that strategy and it worked well. Wondering why it wouldn't work on other narrow gauge type stuff. Course it be hard to hang em on the dowels. Have to figger some way to smoke em laid out flat etc. Just curious if you have toyed with the idear?

I used the sheep casings..they are a pain in the ......
Collegen Casings are easier to work with for that for the tubeless...if you had grates with a small enough weave that would work but you would have to roll em over half way thru the process
just thinking out load here ;)
Yeppers I was even thinking of just laying them out on a sheet pan and give em a half roll occasionally. That might work. Course since the collagen is doing good might not be worth the extra trouble to make them case less.

Dave, which is your tried and true snack stick/slim jim recipe? I see you've posted a couple. Which works out best for you?

What's your preference taste wise for these things? Spicy? Not?

They look awesome BTW.

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