Stir fry sauces for any cuisine

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I am looking for suggestions for sauces that can be used in stir frying, but not so much for Asian cuisines as for other cuisines that we don't usually think of when we say stir fry. Stir frying is one of my favourite ways to cook veggies. I make one dish with an Indian flair - veggies stir fried with curry paste and then simmered a bit with yogourt or coconut milk. I would love to expand on that and find sauces that would give the veggies a flair that goes with other cuisines. I got a couple of good ones from @pepperhead212:

Any more ideas?
If you're looking for Indian flavors, dry spice mixes might be more what you're looking for. And besides the ubiquitous curry powder and and garam masala, there are countless other spice mixes, that can be used in many dishes. And here is the best link I have found for these recipes.

The ones I make and have on hand all the time are sambar masala and the rasam powder. I've also made the chole masala, dabeli masala, malvani masala, pav bhaji masala, malvani masala, the coriander/cumin powder (good for some Mexican dishes, too), chaat masala, and biryany masala. Go to page 7 or 8 for those dry powder recipes (maybe more?), and when you click on the recipe, it will give you dishes the masala will be used in.

Something I learned early, about some of these masalas, is that they have a small amount of oil mixed in with the spices, before they are pan roasted, which gives them a totally different flavor, than just dry roasting them. And some recipes have some dry roasted, and the others with the oil on them.
I'm going to read the thread you refer to after writing, so I don't push my brain in a direction already covered.

My stir fries are generally dry. They don't need sauce. But obviously that's a personal choice.

First ones I would be thinking of are SE Asian & other Asian slanted, SE asian being my favourite cuisine.

Now for a rambling list....
Curry pastes & powders, with water, yoghurt, coconut milk for liquid
Bean pastes (chili bean, garlic bean, doubiang, taotjo)
Any sort of Indonesian or Malay bumbu (yoghurt, water, coconut milk)
Brine from gherkins, capers etc for a bit more mediterrean
Mustard, honey, yoghurt or cream. I think that would go very well with chicken

Suddenly remembering a nice dish: fry bacon, garlic & mushrooms.. Add spinach & cream and mix with spaghetti. Really really tasty (I'll add a little chili)

I'll be back with more ramblings
I'm not sure I understand what "bumbu" is. I did an internet search and all I got was an alcoholic drink based on rum and possibly coconut milk and spices.
@Badjak I like that the idea of that bacon, mushroom, etc. dish. It does sound good.

Got anymore ramblings? Some of those ideas do sound good.
Sorry, bumbu or boemboe is spice paste (indonesian & malay).
Sometimes I forget that it is not common English usage ;)

More ramblings?
So far, peanut butter & tahini.
Just be careful as they thicken very quickly & can split.
Tahini for something mediterrean/arab or instead of sesame oil.
Peanut butter for all kind of brain waves. Pad Thai obviously, but there are some African dishes that would work well
Really towards the end of cook you could use flavoured oils, high quality olive oil, flavoured vinegar and a vinaigrette...
Think I am out of ideas now ;)
I agree with badjak. Think vinaigrette. Use oils and acids of the cuisine to build that accent flavor.
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