Superbowl Sunday

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Plans for Superbowl Sunday?

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Senior Cook
Oct 20, 2006
Norwalk, Connecticut
"barbecued beef stew"
That sounds good! Do you have a recipe here somewhere? Well, I suppose I could use search.....

It's here, I believe I posted in the "Stews" section a while back, "Barbecue Beef Stew with Cheddar Cornbread pudding and dark ale"- the dark ale makes it. Good cold weather food!


Head Chef
Aug 25, 2004
Neither of us are sport fans but always do something for the Stuporbowl because it is a great excuse for us to do something a little bit special. We have a couple of months of winter under our belts and will have a couple more, so we use the day to cook something we usually don't.

We are both thinking about making a bunch of deep fried stuff, including wings and fries and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time. Or maybe something else. It is a day to indulge ourselves a tad. Stuff we rarely eat.

We will probably watch a bit of the game, we used to live about three miles from the Foxboro stadium. never were particular Patriot's fans, but they have been so good it would be nice to see them win it all. Of course, a great game by the Giants would also make it a lot of fun. And a boring game will leave us on the web or searching the channels.

Hope y'all enjoy the day.


Senior Cook
Oct 15, 2007
Western, MA
If you're having people over or going to someones house for a get-together on Superbowl Sunday...what kind of food will be there/you bring? I'm not very much into football & we're going to have a few people over, and am looking for ideas of foods that people will snack on while probably drinking beer & such..

my boss is having a party, i'll be making some jalepeno poppers, some garlic wings, and some spinach quiche squares

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