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Did anyone else have supper? We ordered out and had Greek food. DH tried their loukaniko with rice pilaf, Greek potatoes, and a house salad. I had an old fashioned pork gyro pita and lamb souvlaki stick. It was all very good.

If you did eat something, what did you have?
For my first night home, DH picked up a meatball appetizer (four huge meatballs!) baked in tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese and an entrée of vegetable fettuccine in a Parmesan-butter-wine sauce. We shared them, along with a mini loaf of bread from my neighbor. Ice cream for dessert. Ahh, it's good to be home 🏡
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After I made those spice mixes a couple of days ago, I've had a craving for making something with one of them. So yesterday I made some Chole Masala, with some beef, some green chickpeas (hara chana), and some whole grain sorghum. I soaked the chickpeas for about 5 hours, which really isn't long enough for the green or black ones. So I started them in the Instant Pot, with that kale purée, 2 tomatoes from the freezer, puréed (I took some out for guacamole earlier), some water, and 2 tb of that chole masala powder (another tb later), and some salt. This was pressure cooked 80 minutes, and pressure released naturally. Those things were still firm!

While that was cooking, I cooked a lb of ground beef until totally browned, then removed to a plate. Then in a bit of ghee I lightly browned a large chopped onion, then added about a tb of minced garlic and another tb of that chole masala, stirred a minute, then put the beef back into the pan, stirred it all together, and set aside.
The cooked beef, added back to the pan, after cooking a large onion in some ghee, followed by 5 cloves garlic, and a tb chole masala powder. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

I added 2/3 c whole grain sorghum (jowar), set to pressure cook another 30 min.; both of those were almost done, but not quite, and the smell was getting incredibly good. I let the pressure release about 10 min, then released it manually. Then I added 3 small, peeled and diced red potatoes (they were old; usually I don't peel them), and 1/2 c moong dal (to help thicken), and I added the meat mix, 1/2 tb garam masala, and set to pressure cook another 15 min, then let it release naturally. I mashed it some, to help thicken some, then served topped with some cilantro.
The beef, added to the cooked hara channa mix, with a half cup of mung dal and 3 small diced potatoes. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Finished Chole Masala by pepperhead212, on Flickr
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Himself said that if I wanted him to repair my kitchen faucet, I was not allowed to hog up the place! After prepping veggies and stepping away from the sink, I made us salads while he turned the air blue. We also shared another toasted roast beef and provolone sandwich on a croissant with Aldi wavy Cheddar cheese potato chips.

While the faucet is better, there is a little, tiny bit of water that sneaks out between the faucet body and the escutcheon (the plate at the bottom between the body and the surface of the sink). Himself is not pleased. He keeps reminding me that he would much prefer doing electrical repairs because electricity doesn't leak.
Well, it won't kill you.... but you might kill someone near by in frustration.... hmmm, I'll have to think about that before I ask you to repair the leak.

Didn't realize I hadn't posted my supper. Made the mini meat loaves again. This time with just beef, not the mix I had used before. Sort of liked the mixed meats better but this was still delish. Also used a regular BBQ sauce and much to my surprise, I quite liked it.
Mini meat loaf, new potatoes, asparagus.
for the freezer..

Should have made them into 8 smaller loaves as I did last time but this was fine.
and plated, smashed the patates, meat was a bit crumbly but may have been my fault, or not enough fat in the ground beef? IDK.
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Actually, if you do electrical repairs responsibility, there is little no danger of getting killed. Himself knows that you don't test for a live outlet with a screwdriver. :LOL:
Yeah, but if you do plumbing irresponsibly, you still aren't likely to kill yourself. Flood the downstairs neighbours and someone else might try to kill you. ;)

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