Table top convection oven problem?

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Dec 22, 2022
I have a model#31108 Hamilton beach table top convection oven. It says to reduce time and temp when using convection mode. Should I be able to feel air moving inside the oven if I put my hand in? I don't feel any air moving, and it takes longer and set at the highest temp, to cook things. Is this broken or do they not really work well?
Do you hear the fan running? On regular oven setting you will not hear it but on convection, first thing you will hear is the fan starting up.

Is this a new device? or have you had this oven for a while?

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Hope we can solve your problem.
Welcome to the forum, @Deano!

You should definitely hear that fan running in the convection oven! I have a countertop convection oven, that is still working since 1977 (!), and is what made me get a convection oven in my range. I actually turn the ovens off, when removing and checking things, or adding new sheets, as the fan blows the hot air out of the ovens much faster (especially in the range oven), then I turn them back on, once closed again. So if you aren't hearing, and feeling hot air blowing, something's wrong. I assume this is new - otherwise, if it had already been working properly, but stopped, you would have already known how it was when working.

Is this an oven that can also work without the fan on? Maybe it needs to be turned on...and maybe it's one of those things they had to complicate!
per pepperhead, mine is the type I need to push the 'oven' button twice in order for the convection/fan to start.

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