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Jun 16, 2002
Eastern Kansas
Well, gang, this time it's a taquito torte, and lemonade, and a fresh peach. Love these fresh peaches!!:D :D :D I will not be happy when they're done for the season:( . Oh, well . . . the apples are coming . . . and the pears . . . and the oranges . . . and the kumquats???
So guess who failed to include particulars re her taquito torte?!:mad: :eek:

The Duh Factor would seem to be alive and well . . .

Anyway, here's what I did :
I sauteed some slivers of onion and garlic and green pepper in a half tablespoon of ev olive oil, poured in 2 eggs beaten with a half dozen grains of salt, a good grind of pepper, and a couple drops of Tabasco, stirred it until the eggs were scrambled, and layered them with cheese and salsa between heated 6" flour tortillas in my cast iron skillet. Then I topped it with more cheese and parked it under the broiler, about 6" down, until the cheese had melted and turned deep gold. Slid it onto a big plate and cut it into wedges.

And I hope my mentis is now compos . . . and maybe stays that way for a while???:p

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