TGIF Dinner plans anyone? 9-1

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Sep 30, 2004
callie said:
We call those roast beef po'boys :LOL: YUM!!!!!!!!!
Well Callie, these po'boys were pretty good so dh and kids say, I'm to darn tired to eat..much, so I'm just going to have some toast and a sliced tomato.
It was pretty warm here today and I had Carson, Olivia and Ethan, have to say they were busy, but pretty good with everyone eating and behaving instead of pushing and shoving:LOL: And I didn't get bit today YIPPEEEE, sooo How was your dinner?:)


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Aug 26, 2004
LEFSElover said:
tonight it'll no doubt be take out something. it'll be just me and my DGS. how bout you all.......

You know, I've been meaning to mention that this color text (your blue) seems very blury when I read it, not sure if that is the same for other users.

We ended up with pizza tonight. Toppings were jalapenos, mushrooms, and pepperoni.


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Aug 22, 2005
Townsville, Australia.
southerncooker said:
We're doing the old breakfast for dinner thing. Will prob make scrambled eggs, biscuits, gravy,sliced tomatoes, and maybe grits.

One of our favorite things to have for dinner occasionally is to have cornbread and gravy, sausage, scrambled eggs and chopped tomato. Stir it all up in a bowl and enjoy. I'd never heard of dipping gravy over your cornbread until I met my hubby. I never liked gravy on my biscuits but I like this.
Hi my name is cazz, I am an Aussie so I dont understand every term I read, can you please explain to me what is a biscuit in american lingo, a biscuit in aussie language is what you guys call cookies. We call them biscuits, I dont mean to be rude, just need to understand certain different terms that everyone has, so that I can understand the conversation on here, I hope no one is getting affended, I just need to understand. I dont mean to be nasty or affending. Plus I want to make new friends on here and swap heaps of recipies, I love cooking and trying out different recipies from all over the world. Thank you for your patience, and help if you can give it.Plus also, what is grits, Ive heard of it in movies, but I dont know what it is, Thanks heaps
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Aug 19, 2004
My mountain
happy anniversary 'bug.

a joke for hh.

on their 20th anniversary, a man sat crying loudly in his living room. his wife came in and inquired about his dismay.
he weeped "do you remember, honey, before junior was born? when your dad came to me with a shotgun and said that i'd better marry you or i'd go to jail"?
"yes dear" she replied.
"well", he sighed, "i would have been out today!" :) :) :)

(i said it was for hh :cool: )

just kidding. all the best. you're one o' the finest ball and chains out there.


we had boiguhs on polish rye bread, corn on the cob, and rotini pasta and gravy.

another midnight sshift, and i'm hungry again. goin' out for some sushi in a bit.


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Jun 25, 2005
well, kades...we had boudin and fresh maters - pure south'rn style. While we ate, we watched "RV" on dvd. Laughed and laughed! Just at the end of the movie, our pups started barking - we looked out and saw a mama and 2 cubs - black bears - in our yard. They are SO cute! We hadn't taken in our hummingbird feeders yet. So, we hurried out and got the feeders in. One cub was in our tree. We turned off all the lights so no one will disturb them. What a sight!!


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Nov 11, 2004
Spiritwolf, welcome to the site. A biscuit here is something like a scone would be to you, but usually with no sugar. They are delicious with butter or jam, perhaps like you would serve them, or with gravy like we sometimes do.
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