Thanksgiving Memories (written for my son in 2001)

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Feb 21, 2002
North Carolina
The most important thing in my life is my family and friends. I grew up with Thanksgiving being a time that not only family took part in but, our friends as well, for they give our lives its color and texture.

Max, you are the reason I try to make Thanksgiving special. I want you to have the memories of this holiday to cherish just like I do now. A time when my memories take me back to those earlier years “the good old days" as we call them now. I want to be taken back home to family and friends and a house filled with so many warm, happy smells it truly was like heaven on earth. Every year was better and more joyful than the year before. Wives, husbands, and children were added and the friends constantly changed with every move. I think the children were added so I could see just how innocent and wondrous I was at one time. It's like watching a play of you.

Then, as if it happened in one day, things changed. There was no home to go to. I thought it was gone forever. I was lost, wandering, and had no direction. For years I would be frantic trying to make Thanksgiving like it used to be at "home". For years I have stumbled and pulled my hair out to make it the same. I would sit and cry every year. When the tears finally dried last year I suddenly realized no, I can't go home anymore “this is home. This is our home to share with our family and our friends. This is the time when I hope the memories take you back - to these good old days, Max, back home to this day, to this family and these friends and a house filled with so many warm happy smells it truly is heaven on earth.
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