Thursday 1/5/2017 What's on your plate mate?

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Apr 5, 2009
Not quite sure. DD got takeaway last night so maybe the stuffed peppers I was going to make last night.
I need to use up the last of the rib roast, so thinking beef barley soup.
I am re-winding last night's supper by using the rest of the sauce on top of grilled salmon, leftover rice and cooking more broccoli.
Today is my name day so I got to do what ever I wanted to eat so I made chicken potato casserole.
Yes, I cheated bought premade lactose free potato casserole , it is really hard to make a creamy one from scratch with lactose free products. Just fried bacon, fried chicken folded into the mix and into the oven topped with provolone and mozzarella . My tummy will be grumpy due to the mozzarella but it is worth it.
Surprisingly, the dish the two other in the household has no to, became a favourite for both. Due to the cost, this will be a special dinner, so it wont appear that often.

Oh we had dessert too, at New year they had a special on lactose free icecream and it was my favourite brand, so I got my self two 500 ml boxes and some normal for hubby and daughter. So I had that and home made chocolate sauce. Yum. If you wonder, those two small boxes will take 2-4 months for me to eat. Yeah it about 2 cup of icecream in each box and I cant eat much per time so it will take long time before it is gone.
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Curry made with Massaman curry paste with chicken, sweet potato chunks, avocado, onions and cashews. Either Basmati or Jasmine rice, whichever is easier to get to, for underneath.
I stopped in a particular grocery store that carries thin sliced veal, as Veal Francaise was planned. They were running a special on fresh swordfish for $7.99 / lb., so I couldn't pass it up. Swordfish will hit the grill, along with baked potatoes and steamed broc. The veal will get used tomorrow.
A few days ago I made a big crock-pot of cream of mushroom soup. I gilded the lily a bit by adding about 1/4 cup of finely ground, powdered really, dried mushrooms to intensify the 'shroom flavor.

We'll have the soup, along with slices of just-out-of-the-oven baguette with butter and a side salad of spring mix/baby greens. We won't need dessert.
Elk burgers with provolone cheese, bacon, green chile and swiss chard. Where is the onion? and oven baked potato wedges. The elk was compliments of one of DH's brothers.
Stuffed peppers were good but not seasoned enough.
I've just reheated some left over chili and am hiding in the living room minding my own business watching hockey while gf is cursing in the kitchen because the year end T4's won't balance...lots of 4 letter words.....
We went for tacos last night and bought a .5 liter of pork... tacos again :)
Our curry

I have been dealing with a chest cold and haven't been eating much besides soup and toast. I am going to try some of my bff's homemade wontons I think. TB had his favourite chicken thighs. I think it is his favourite because it is easy for him to make when I am under the weather! ;)
Mmmmm, Med. That looks great.

I never had avocado in a curry. I'd imagine the creaminess and nuttiness works really well.
I had spaghetti tonight. I needed to use up the sauce in the can of Trader Joe Roma tomatoes. I did use a little, but there's still a lot left. Not sure what I'm going to do with it.

I was going to spread a little garlic and butter on a slice of bread and put it under the broiler, but I'm too stuffed.
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