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Oct 31, 2006
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I'm making the London Broil that was supposed to be cooked last night. We had the last of the potatoes too so will sub Alfredo noodles and will have asparagus. If I have time, I may make some Rocky Road cookie bars. Joesfolk's thread got me hungry for them. I think I have everything to make them.
I'm making a very big pot of Sunday Ragu. A tomato sauce with meatballs, sausages and stew beef. Most will be frozen for future meals. It will also be tonight's dinner.

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I finally found a pint of oysters so I'm going to concoct a version of oyster stew using bok choy, chopped onions, oyster sauce, evaporated milk and real butter. No celery on hand, so celery seed will have to do.
making quiche with cooked and crumbled pancetta, Swiss cheese, cream, butter, onions, parsley and chives, marjoram, leeks yummy so say the kids:LOL: Fruit salad chive bisquits....
I might do something with shrimp. I'm in a seafood state of mind.
I threw together a meat and noodle casserole fro,m leftovers. Always have to get rid of the "mustgos" before I clean the fridge on Friday. Will serve squash and some other veggie with it.
We will be having left over chicken breasts and asparagus.
I'm undecided on making rice or baked potato to go along side.
Chicken Fried Steak. Onion Gravy.


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lol... tostito's with cheese dip :( I know.. and to make matters worse I just posted on the "Let's be Accountable" thread!!! :( :( :(

and leftover coconut shrimp risotto!

Fiance is working late tonight... lol
Chicken Fried Steak. Onion Gravy.

That looks really yummy.

We had smoked meat sandwiches from Abies with French fries and a potato latke. The smoked meat at Abies is as good as the stuff from "La Main" on St Lawrence Boulevard, Montreal. Hand carved, as good smoked meat is supposed to be. Mine was fatty and DH's was lean. Yum.
I had breakfast/lunch so late that I haven't even started my supper yet. I am having a chicken leg and thigh, baked potato, and corn on the cob. :cool:
Your chicken fried steak looks yummy Rock!

I grilled pork chops, made spinach mashed potatoes topped with mozzarella cheese and grilled AuGratin tomatoes.


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My one pot shrimp concoction. Onions, shrooms, asparagus tips, garlic, cayenne pepper flakes, parm... other stuff... over linguine. It hit the spot.


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