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May 9, 2007
Southeastern Virginia
I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we post a description and/or picture of what we've harvested from our gardens. I know CWS will blow us all out of the water ;) but I'd like to see what people are growing.

What do you all think? Mods, could we make it a sticky?
Here's what I harvested today. There's lots more out there. I'm waiting for some more bell peppers to finish turning red, and there are some tomatoes that I need DH to reach. I have some preserving to do now! :)


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Good idea GG. and perfect recipe for this column Kayelle.
I too wish I had a harvest to show-- no camera and I am cell phone challenged.

But that hasn't stopped me from freezing green beans and now I have started making pesto. There is lots of basil. I should snip some sage, oregano, and mint et al to dry while they are at their peak. I planted just two cucumbers, so we are keeping up with them. It will be awhile before tomatoes are ripe.

Garrison Keillor says July is the only time of year when people lock their cars in the church parking lot, so people don't put bags of zucchini on the front seat to give away..
Thanks, Kayelle! Offering yummy recipes is a great way to contribute.

Whiska, that's why I said descriptions and/or pix. I know some people have issues with posting images. I'd still like to hear about what people have and what they're doing with the bounty :)
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Looks good, GG! Kay, that veggie pie recipe looks delicious!

As of early this morning, this is what's left of my little container garden harvest. :LOL: I thought everything was done, but these little guys were hanging on, and the pots are now retired until next spring. I'm not much of a gardener at all, I don't have the room - but I do like playing around with growing things.


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Cabbage, new potatoes, corn, onions, cubes, zukes, 15 lb beans, 7 lb peas, chard, kohlrabi, Kale. Peas and beans going in the freezer, Corn was breakfast. Making a huge salad.
Cherry tomatoes! ImageUploadedByDiscuss Cooking1438034298.749218.jpg
I like the sounds of that recipe, Kay!
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Thanks Cheryl! My consolation, it's all I get this year considering the bunnies got all my green bean plants!
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Thanks Cheryl! My consolation, considering the bunnies got all my green bean plants!

My String Bean plants looked like they were thinning out a bit early this year. I took a closer look and saw a baby rabbit ( slightly bigger than my fist). But I got more than my share already so Im ok with sharing with them :)
My String Bean plants looked like they were thinning out a bit early this year. I took a closer look and saw a baby rabbit ( slightly bigger than my fist). But I got more than my share already so Im ok with sharing with them :)

My bunnies did more than just thin my beans, the little creeps chomped them off to one inch stalks! Not a leaf left. We were gone on vacation, and apparently they figured it out.
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Not today, but about 2 weeks ago I dug the garlic. Here is 1/2 of the crop with another week of curing to go.

What I harvested this morning was eaten for breakfast:LOL:; zucchini, onion, green pepper, swiss chard and 2 broccoli leaves.


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Except for the Everglades tomato plant it is too hot here for anything else. Our finger lime is bearing fruit, but I don't expect any to grow to maturity.:(
Salad vegies and basil. Dug part of the garlic. Thinking something ratatouille-ish.


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2 Huge bags of chard which I made Spinach ( chard) pie out of. 4 bags of cut up/ frozen leeks, bags and bags of string beans which i blanched and froze. sorry some of the pics are flipped. Not sure how to unflip them


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Im sure anyone who has a garden, can relate to what my kitchen looks like this time of year.

Tomatoes by every window
Whatever can be pickled or marinated , gets pickled or marinated (Cukes/ Eggplant)
Or dried ( Tomatoes in olive oil and garlic)
Or Roasted ( Peppers)

It was a busy day off the other day.


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