Trivia 11/16

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trivia 11/16
A rhino’s “horn” is not a true horn, with a bony supporting core like the
horns of cattle or antelopes. It is, instead, an outgrowth of the skin, like
human hair or fingernails

1. According to the lyrics of the 1963 song first recorded by Jimmy Soul,
what should a man do "if you wanna to be happy for the rest of your life"?
2. Who was the Bassist for Cream ?
3. Which breed of dog originated in Germany and was bred to guard a tax
collector on his rounds?
a. - Boxer
b. - Rottweiler
c. - German Shepherd
d. - Doberman
4. Know Your Shapes ;
What's the more common name for a "Torus" shape ?
a. - Cone-Shaped
b. - Donut Shaped
c. - Oval Shaped
d. - Pencil Shaped
5. Most children in grade school are taught phonics. What skill are they
being taught?
6. Carolyn Keene is the author credited with writing about a Detective....
name the Detective
7. What would you call someone who has a strong, passionate hatred for
(Hint; One Word - Starts with M..)
8. The tiny winged insect, Drosophila, is more commonly known as what ??
a. - Blow Fly
b. - Fruit Fly
c. - Tsetse Fly
d. - Bee Fly

When she passed away at age 94 in 2003, Gertrude Janeway had been receiving
veteran's benefits for over 70 years without ever having served in the
military.. th reason ; She was the widow of a Union soldier.
1. Never make a pretty woman your wife...
2. Jack Bruce
3. - d
4. - b
5. Method for learning to read
6. Nancy Drew
7. Misogynist
8. - b

She was 18 and he was 81 when she married John Janeway of the 14th Illinois
Cavalry in 1927.


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