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Feb 22, 2004
looking for a good wedding soup receipe i have tried several and didn't care for them :cry:
Hi curly740,

What were the ones you tried like? Can you give us some ingredients so we can look for others? Thanks.
I think the best wedding soups need to be made like homemade chicken soup. Once you get a good chicken soup base you can bake or boil your meatballs (I like a combo of pork and chuck, with seasoned breadcrumbs, egg and cheese). For the greens use swiss chard. I dont like the taste spinach gives it and my italian in-laws have always used swiss chard with chicken soup. I make little square noodles, homemade, and then sprinkle it with cheese (we like pecorino or locatelli romano). Using a good cheese is important too. It gives it a rich flavor.

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