Wednesday Night Cherry Chicken

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Smokey Lew

Head Chef
Jan 10, 2010
Southern California - Riverside
Hey guys, this is kind of a follow up on my posting of the "Saturday Night Apple Chicken". I tried out Ritter's Sweet Cherry Rub on some chicken breasts last night. Pretty much the same set up in the Performer but no smoke wood this time.

Put the rub on the chicken making sure to get plenty under the skin about three hours before putting it on the grill. Let the chicken sit in the fridge uncovered to dry the skin out a bit. Used indirect heat all the way at about 375 to 400 degrees until they had an internal temp. of 168 degrees. Used a combination of Subb's charcoal and mesquite lump for fuel.

Baked a couple of potatoes and had a nice green salad with the chicken. The cherry flavor came through and the skin was nice a crispy. We liked the flavor but think it's probably better suited to pork or maybe even some fish. However, I still would recommend it on chicken. It had an interesting taste.


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