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Ditto! The frenzy to call and pack is on! You have my deepest regards for this next part. Exciting but traumatizing at the same time. You might reconsider a little more wine in the evenings to help relax. Not too much more, just a bit - there's still stuff to do next day! :LOL:
I would seriously consider having an estate sale or auction and only move the memories, family treasures, etc…

It’s hard to believe but sometimes it’s easier and less expensive to skip the cost of moving and start fresh.
That's a good idea Ginny!
but probably not exactly do-able when you have kids. Can you imagine the howling after all the hype of Christmas for 2 months - and then delay and extra month! LOL - not in my world! ;)

But no one would complain if there was a second Christmas with the kids. Doesn't have to be as elaborate but could certainly be made festive!
Remember this!!?? This was your contribution to the effort many great folks here made to me to cheer me up after I lost Rich in 2011; a great many Christmas Tree ornaments!


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Gosh Aunt Bea, it might be less expensive, but making the choices of the 'family treasures' would, in my case, be every stick of furniture I have!
You might think differently after you price an interstate move.

I was always lucky because they were paid by my employer.

When it came time for the last move I went back to my starving student days and rented a UHaul and some internet labor.

I would seriously consider having an estate sale or auction and only move the memories, family treasures, etc…

It’s hard to believe but sometimes it’s easier and less expensive to skip the cost of moving and start fresh.
We actually met someone who did that. They were building a house in the upstate NY mountains while still living in the MD/WVA area. The rustic cabin and lofty ceilings in the new place would dwarf the furnishings from their old home. We don't have that problem - and we like our furnishings. We have disposed of some things we didn't want to move. The mover we've hired has an interesting business policy - do what you can to help others. We asked him if he could recommend a service that would remove our bulky entertainment center and two TVs. He said that since they were all in good shape and working condition, he would just take them. He helps an organization that re-homes people who are houseless, donating furnishing to help them get set up in their new place.

As of right now, our move back to OH will cost less than what the moving costs (not ALL the costs of the move like realtor fees and such) were for our move east. If we do some packing and breaking down furniture (he charges by volume, not weight) beforehand, we can reduce the cost even more. We're in a place financially that we can let someone else do it - but I'm cheap, so I'll be busy for the next few weeks.
I'm so happy for you, CG! You made this happen!!! Hire help!!

Maybe family will consider having a "delayed" Christmas celebration, just this once? Just a thought.
Funny you should mention "delay Christmas". We ended up coming into OH for Christmas because it gave us the chance to drive both cars in. Figured we could do that AND spend Christmas with the kids. Talked to Loverly Friday night about food. Saturday's call was that The Boy was sick. She didn't think it was Covid or the flu, just something he ate. Sunday's report was that he was still sick, but feeling better. Hadn't had a fever at all. Christmas was still on. However, Monday morning a group text goes out - The Boy is about the same, but The Girl is now sick with the same symptoms. :oops: Seeing as you can't catch "something someone ate sickness", we decided to postpone Christmas dinner at her house until after our move - when it will probably be at our house. Meanwhile, we picked Goober up and the three of us ate out...at a Chinese restaurant, of course! (Technically, it was a Japanese sushi bar.)

We'll leave Himself's car here, so we'll have just one car to drive when the moving van pulls out of the MA driveway. I know neither of us will get a good night's sleep the night before, so we can take turns driving the one car. We could have had the movers take a car, but we each had things we felt better moving with our own hands. We loaded up both cars with those things. Himself's telescope and all its trappings took most of the space in his Milan. My Santa Fe carried his Mom's Desert Rose dinnerware and my Pfaltzgraff Christmas dishes and two large boxes of Longaberger baskets - all of which were packed OK for an owner to move but would have needed repacking into more boxes if the movers took them. Plus, I took my Guild F-212 guitar, which I bought used from a friend of a friend back in 1972. I haven't played it for years, but I'm not ready to part with it just in case I decide to start again. Oh, and the last of my jewelry - not really valuable, but the pieces have sentimental value.
Got the movers lined up and deposit paid. They show up at the house on Wednesday, January 22nd. They'll pack up anything that we haven't taken care of, disassemble any of the furniture that can be taken apart (legs off kitchen table, bed frame, futons...oh my). I'm hoping to have most of the things packed except for kitchen breakables. Himself feels better if I let the movers pack dishes and glasses. Once everything is packed and in the truck, we roll to OH!

It appears that the new owners of our house are sweet newlyweds in the second half of their 20's or maybe he's early 30s, both with excellent jobs. They cannot wait to move in! I hope they make happy memories in the house. I'm ready to make new ones in our OH house home. <<<The MA house has never really been a "home".
As many of you know, I've been wanting to move back to OH pretty much since we moved from there in 2000. Left kids and good friends behind. MA was supposed to be 12-15 years, followed by moving back after Himself retired around 2014. Getting laid off in 2011 threw him for a loop, and it took a couple of years for him to be himself again. Then we just kept putting it off...

Put this house up for sale two weeks ago:
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Put a bid in on this one on Thanksgiving eve:
View attachment 67032

And it was accepted!

So plain outside, it has the personality of a shoe box. 😂 But it is tricked out inside with features and upgrades that we never would have been able to afford all of them. Only two years old, the owners are moving south. I'd say that we are very lucky they are. Had it inspected yesterday and she's solid.

Now we go back to MA to pack.
A very new but not brand-new house is the best here, because you won't have to pay GST on it.

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