We're going home!

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Here in Massachusetts, the seller needs to pay a real estate transfer fee, which is $4.65 per thousand of sale. We're ending up paying $2,348.25 on a sale of $505,000. House sale prices are crazy up here. We're making a tidy profit for selling the house
I think there are transfer fees here too, but it's been a long time since I bought or sold a house. GST is "Goods and Services Tax", so in other words, VAT or sales tax. That's why it's only on new houses.
Tonight is, most likely, our last night in this house. The movers we hired are doing a great job! Ended up hiring a cleaning service to clean everything after we leave so I don't have to vacuum and clean toilets as we work our way out the door. I'll drop by as soon as we have internet in the new home.
Bon voyage and travel safely.
Checking in before bedtime. Last night at our usual Wilkes-Barre Holiday Inn. Got to say goodbye to our favorite night clerk. The movers took the locked, packed truck to the company fenced, gated, and locked complex. The driver is certified for up to 12 hours a day road time so they'll drive all day, then meet us at our new home bright and early Saturday morning. Not sure how bright I will be...


Just one little thing...every once in a while I get a flash of @Sir_Loin_of_Beef horror story of his kidnapped possessions and shudder a little. Moving takes the ultimate trust of allowing total strangers to have all of your earthly possessions. Unsupervised. At least our agent (I have known her longer than her 16 years as a realtor) has known the owner of the moving company at least that long. By the time this crew is done, they'll be like family.

Himself calls them our Amish movers. Every guy has a beard, and only half of them have a decent mustache. :LOL:
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As many of you know, I've been wanting to move back to OH pretty much since we moved from there in 2000. Left kids and good friends behind. MA was supposed to be 12-15 years, followed by moving back after Himself retired around 2014. Getting laid off in 2011 threw him for a loop, and it took a couple of years for him to be himself again. Then we just kept putting it off...

Put this house up for sale two weeks ago:
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Put a bid in on this one on Thanksgiving eve:
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And it was accepted!

So plain outside, it has the personality of a shoe box. 😂 But it is tricked out inside with features and upgrades that we never would have been able to afford all of them. Only two years old, the owners are moving south. I'd say that we are very lucky they are. Had it inspected yesterday and she's solid.

Now we go back to MA to pack.

It seems like nobody up north uses bricks -- at least not anymore. Everything is siding, and these days, vinyl siding.

I'm curious, is there a reason for this? Could it be the hot weather here? Maybe vinyl siding would melt (?).

Down here, houses are mostly brick veneer.My house is almost completely covered in bricks. Even my detached garage is all brick. Other homes around me are a mix of brick and stone veneer. If there is siding, it is not vinyl, it is a composite. The small amount of siding on my house is HardyPlank, a cementitious board that is hard as a rock.


Well, memories of moving! Those plants are on the very edge of the max line to be able to shut the door. Sadly they did not survive a year from the move.

The "mother-in-law" plant which bloomed every other year with the most amazing perfume, was about 30 years old (or more - I had it 20 years, not too sure how old it was when I got it).
The rosemary was only 4 years old, which was replacing a 7 year old one.
Both were put outside in summer and brought in for the winter.

Funny story on the bed.
One of the packers was covering a mattress and flipped the bed on its side to do so. This wild creature streaked out and shot out the door and the poor guy almost sh***t himself thinking he was about to be attacked and die from some "wild" creature.

First, you have to understand, the packers were city guys, not used to the country. Also the cats had been locked up for the packing but, of course, someone opened their door and one escaped. Guess where my 'Chatton' had been hiding.
Think it will be a longtime before he lives that one down.
Caseydog, no one uses brick anymore because it's very costly.

It must be a lot cheaper here, because it is on virtually every new home here.

I wondered if the predominantly clay soil here has anything to do with it. Bricks are made with clay. Turns out, it is.

"The reason is simply geography and geology. As any gardener knows, our soil is loaded with clay, which is not great for gardening but is excellent for brickmaking. There is a large vein of clay that stretches across the United States from Central Texas, across Oklahoma and Arkansas, and up into Virginia and Maryland.

It has, in varying degrees, the right combination of clay, sand and silt for brickmaking. Within the belt is an ideal band called the Wilcox formation that has no iron in it, making it even better for brickmaking. It runs from San Antonio up to Arkansas. North Texas sits smack in the middle of the mother lode of brickmaking clay." -- D Magazine

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It looks like brick is passé around here. Many new houses have stone facades. Board and batten is popular, too. The pricier homes have James Hardie siding, otherwise it's vinyl.
Every day around here is like Christmas! You never know what you will find in a box. Or inside the oven:


I did not know that the oven was convection! Another learning curve pitched my way.

Speaking of pitching, Guardians pitchers and catchers report to Goodyear a week from today! At least half of the team is already there.
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