What are some of your best recipes that you found on youtube?

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Nov 9, 2020
mine are pepper steak and some lo mein recipes. I steered away from South East Asian recipes until I found out their success was in the sauces. My next try is chicken noodle soup and broccoli cheddar soup.
Though I can't remember the exact recipes, I can remember probably the best chef I would get recipes of - Rick Bayless - and another show, that I've gotten great info and recipes from - Entrée To Asia, by Thomas Robson. This last one is just the old PBS shows, but Bayless has new things, and had a lot of new shows during the height of the pandemic, which was getting people to eat at home more.
I found a recipe for Red Lobster cheddar garlic biscuits on Allrecipes.

It's actually better than the Red Lobster biscuits.

Allrecipies also had a recipe for Parmesan crusted Chantilly potatoes that were out of this world, but apparently that recipe has disappeared. But I found a recipe for Blue Cheese and Cheddar Stovies that is just as delicious on this website:

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I have two fabulous recipes from Chef John of Food Wishes.

This one is a regular at my house.

This one I just tried recently and it was really, really good. I'm sure this will become a regular too.

And even though there are some good recipes at Allrecipes, I have seen many that I won't try. They just don't look that good or accurate to me.
I found a few Chinese recipes from a guy who ( theoretically) had his own restaurant , and now shares many of his recipes on YouTube. Specifically the Hot and Sour soup, and the eggplant with garlic sauce are about as close to what I've had in a restaurant .
This is his website, but I originally found it on You tube

I use websites, youtube not very often.
But I did use a recipe for banh mi bread by someone called Helen.
I got directed there, but don't know the who and why anymore

And I watched some dumpling making ones that were by Titi Waber on foodtube (but they are in Dutch)
Well folks, as you all know (and I know, I'm repeating myslef) - I did get caught. If I remember correctly it was from an Aussie newspaper food section(?). Worst part was I felt 2 things were wrong, no parboil and not enough space for stuffing. Turns out I was correct on both counts.

But thanks to all of you I finally bought one of the Patak sauces "Butter Chicken" and it is delicious. One point good - two points bad.
Have I learned my lesson? Only time will tell. Turn in next week for .....
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