What are your garden plans for 2022?

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Larry, yes from this morning. Lots of the snow is blown off now and some melted. It's Wisconsin, our latest snow is May 10th. Usually our latest snow is much earlier than that.
We had close to 70 today ( which allowed me to get out and do a few things). but they expect a cold wintery mess on Wednesday.

I try to take advantage if any time I can get outside to reduce the work load later on.
taxlady, yes. Winter Sowing.

Also I just started containers tonight, for the inside peppers. I put the seeds in a sealed plastic container w/wet paper towel, and into the dehydrator at 100 deg F (I Measured) and when they germinate they go in pots in the house. We have 60 pots prepared and going onto a heated mat.
I live in an apartment on the 4th floor. My plans are the same as 2021.

My friends, mostly gardeners or farmers, and mostly 50-70 years old. We were just talking about how sad it is to not have a garden if you are used to gardening every year. One of my neighbors that gardened all his life has just found it too hard to care fore his wife and have a garden. :neutral:

What about some plants in the house, for lettuce or greens, or a tomato or pepper in a pot, or sprouting grains or mung beans for cooking, all in the house or near a window?
I live in an apartment on the 4th floor. My plans are the same as 2021.

Do you have a balcony? I have friends who have done a lot of balcony gardening - mostly herbs, but also tomatoes, strawberries, chives, hot and sweet peppers, and some other stuff. Obviously, all of it is in containers of various types.
Hydroponics is a fun and rewarding way to garden. It does take some room though. I started with 1 and now have 14 gardens. 4 are not in use right at this moment. I have 3 flower gardens going, 1 lettuce (soon to be 2) garden, 1 tomato garden, 2 pepper gardens, 2 herb gardens and 1 planted with Asparagus Pea plants, that will need to end soon, as it never germinated. Oh, well. That's the great thing about hydroponics, one can start over anytime 24/7/365.
I had parsley in my hydroponics all winter. Probably going to start basil now.

Yesterday was my first true outdoor planting of the year.
Planted aa few varieties of lettuce ( Mixed blends) , Radishes, arugula, cilantro and dill in aa cold frame.

Today,on my list of things to do is:
- Plant peas, beets ,carrots spinach and chard
- Get the onion and potato beds ready to go ( will plant usually first week of March)
- Make and place Tomato, Pepper and eggplant cages
-Get my seeding cells and pots cleaned up and ready for Tomatoes, Corn and sunflowers which will get started in a few weeks
- Dig holes and get areas ready for my blueberry plants which should be arriving soon.

Kale looking pretty good under the row covers . Still will wait a few more weeks before uncovering.

Carrots picked yesterday. Better than usual harvest. Probably still have to plant 2 weeks earlier than last year to allow them time to get to full size.
This weekend was the first big weekend of the season.
Already have Arugula, radishes, chard, beets , carrots , lettuce and kale in cold frames
Got potatoes, leeks and onions in the garden
(Had to chat proof those areas until the plants get big enough to fend for themselves.

Started tomatoes, popcorn and sunflowers inside.
Its amazing how quickly seeds can germinate under good conditions .
The corn and sunflowers up in less than 48 hours.
The tomatoes took and additional day .

Other than cleaning things up, maintaining the compost and building a few support and trellises, the next few weeks will pretty much be observing and maintaining.

Supposed to rain a a lot this week, so that keeps me off watering duty ( let Mother Nature take care of that).

Also got my wine cap mushroom spawn, so I spread that in the mushroom garden. Should start producing in the fall. I started one last fall and that should produce this spring. My shiitake log from last year started producing. Im hoping with all this rain were getting Ill get more shrooms.

Wild ramps coming up. Probably harvestable in the next few weeks. I often stir fry them up with the kale, and kale flowers.

The 10 day forecast seems to be wet and relatively mild, so will likely expose my kale to the elements .

Put the potted figs thaat I overwintered in the garage a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we had a cold night or two, and the buds/ leaves that were just starting to form took a beating. Hopefully they bounce back. I have 2 more that are in the ground and wrapped up. Ill wait another 2 weeks ( like I should have with the potted ones) before uncovering them.

Go 12 new blueberry bushes and 3 black current bushes, Planted them too ( now I have a berry garden).

Also had aan unexpected visitor yesterday while I was at work. Hopefully just a stop over, and not planning to become a resident with his friends. I can only imagine the damage he ( or a group of them) would do to my garden. No signs of him today.


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This year I only have 14 varieties of peppers growing, but 21 varieties of tomatoes. I have only my 4 varieties of chinense peppers sprouted - started those seeds on 3-20, and the eggplant seeds I started on 3-27, and only one of the 5 varieties hasn't germinated, though that is the oldest variety, so I didn't give up.

On 3-31 all the rest of the pepper seeds were put to soak, and 4-1 put to sprout in the strip tray, of vermiculite, the usual time and method I use. Tonight all of my tomato seeds will be put to soak - I counted out all of the seeds into the cups a couple of nights ago, when doing peppers. I decided to start them a few days later than usual, since they were growing too quickly the last couple of years!

It looks like that extreme cold we got recently killed some of my radish starts, despite being cold resistant. I'll just plant seeds in the empty spots - no big deal, and I don't have any more things out there, that have come up yet.

Yesterday, I refreshed my Jr Earthboxes, and put them around my deck, as the windowsill boxes. Very soon I'll plant a few things in some of them, but basil comes much later. Soon, my brassica seedlings get planted, then covered, to keep out varmints. Around the middle of April is when I start some other seeds, that I only grow 3 weeks or a little longer - okra, bottle gourds, bitter melons, and cucumbers, and I usually start these in peat pelllets - same with winter squash about a week later, which I start later, since it seems those start faster, and grow faster.

I hope nobody out there has problems with weather, garden related or otherwise!
What am I planning for gardening this summer? WARMER WEATHER! God laughs at me.
Other than the last cold night that kicked my Fig trees in the butt, Im pretty happy with the weather so far. Especially the rain this week that will keep my onions and potatoes happy.
In about a month ill start the okra, peanuts and squash inside and be on the hunt for everything else.

I recently had some tree branches thinned out along with a very out of control vine that shaded everything, so Im looking forward to less shade and aa happier garden
I said I was going to cut it down this year but looks like that isn't happening.
3 different tomatoes, plus a red and yellow cherry tomato, green bell pepper, red,orange,yellow mini sweet peppers, hot peppers- jalapenos, Padron, habaneros, cherry pepper- celery, carrot, onions, broccoli, brussels sprouts. cabbage, green beans, spinach, beets . yellow summer and zucchini squash, butternut squash, cucumbers , corn and new for fun popcorn and then my herb garden, dill, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, garlic, chives, sage, I think I remember it all
Plan is to get rid off of what used o be garden and turn into grass. Is going to cost me an arm and a leg, but I have to do it.
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