What are some things that are main stream, everyone likes except for you?

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I agree with the Pumpkin Spice thing. Not that I don't like it, but it amazes me the hype people make when it's ' That time of the year'.

And speaking of hype, is Chick-Fil-A Really that good? A few years back they opened one near me ( maybe the first one on the Island) and people were lined up and parked in the street for days just to be one of the first people to eat there. Others taking selfies in front of the store.
That's another thing that always puzzles me. Pumpkin Spice. But then so does the idea of pumpkin pie, because to me pumpkins are a vegetable and to be eaten as such. Not as something that goes into a sweet pie.

I have no idea what Pumpkin Spice is, although of course I could look it up, but it just seems strange to me.
@Phaedra The pumpkin pie spice is basically cinnamon, with less cloves, plus maybe a little nutmeg and ginger, in some, but often just the cinnamon and cloves. Good, in its place, but it gets old, when put in everything, like they do around here at a certain time of the year. You're lucky you don't experience that!
I don't use cinnamon in anything as anything more than the slightest hint of it is an allergen for me. But as I said, to me, pumpkin is a vegetable. The dog likes it as well!
Psychologically Pumpkins mess with me too. I eat all kinds of squash all kinds of ways, but other than the seeds, the thought of eating pumpkins disgusts me. Just cant get past the fact that its a pumpkin.
I've tried hard to love coffee. I can drink it but, by the time I get it to a drinkable stage, I don't think you can call it "coffee" anymore.

While I will eat it, I really am not a huge fan of pizza.

I do not like food mixing in odd ways. Like, I love gravy on potatoes. However, vegetable juices with potatoes? No...just ew. It is why I have a divided plate!
Perfume!!! Can't stand the stuff. It should be illegal in group settings like restaurants, stores and club meetings! DH, he can't stand the (fake) cinnamon-soaked pine combs. They are everywhere around the holidays...so I warn him on what aisles to avoid in stores.
DITTO the perfume! I don't mind opening a bottle and taking a little sniff - But I do NOT want to smell it on the person next to me... anywhere!

Vanilla Scents - vanilla belongs in kitchens and cooking. Not in a can under the front seat of the car, or walking down the hallway or anywhere else! Gag.
When as a children's library librarian, I had a woman who wanted to volunteer in the library. She reeked of perfume, to the point that an hour later, her "scent" was still heavy in the air. Some of the children who came to the library had asthma, and really couldn't tolerate that "scent".
I always wondered what smell all that perfume was trying to cover up?
I also hate perfume smells. SO likes candles but limits her choices to avoid flowery scents. I cannot comfortably walk past a Yankee Candle Store.
Funny, I agree with you on the Yankee Candle place, but somehow the incense from Earthbound doesn't bother me at all. DH stay outside of the store. Of course, much of the PNW smells like someone was burning some Sandalwood incense, recently.
With the exception of vanilla candles, etc. I don't mind walking past those stores - but that's all I want to do... walk past. There are some incense I like - but again, only a whiff.

At Christmas I don't mind Pine scented candles - I rather like those.
Im also very sensitive to candles and tthe detergent aisle at the grocery store, My nose starts to burn and its feels like Im going to get a nose bleed every time I go down the aisle.
Someone is missing out on a huge market segment - food scented candles! I recommend roast turkey candles to start.
The only things that I do not care for are:
Any "brown" liquors (Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, etc. - all though, I tried Fireball recently and that's not terrible)
Cauliflower - and stop right there! I don't care how you prepare it :sick:
Offal - except for a really good Pâté
Anchovy - straight up - but as a paste mixed in is okay
Black Licorice
Miracle Whip/Duke's Mayonnaise - Best Foods or Kewpie is great!
White Chocolate - that's NOT Chocolate!
Turkey Bacon - come on man! That's not BACON!!! :eek:
A Well Done Steak - criminal!
Head Cheese
Scrapple - but I LOVE Spam! :LOL:

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