What can I do with leftover smoker parts?

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Jun 1, 2010
Hello all!

I have a defunct CharBroil Electric H2O smoker. The bottom part containing the electric heating element
rusted out completely and was thrown out. What I have left is the barrel (body), lid, grates and water pan.
I've already bought and modified a Brinkmann charcoal smoker (ECB). I realize I could have just fashioned some legs
for the Charbroil body and put legs on a firepan to convert it to a charcoal smoker, but I just didn't think
of it before buying/mod'ing the ECB. Apart from doing that and having a second smoker is there anything
else anyone can think of that I can do with the leftover barrel and lid? One thought I just had was to
split the barrel in half lengthwise and try to turn it into a horizontal barrel grill/smoker. It'd be small, but
portable for tailgating and such. I'm not sure the metal is thick enough for that (heat retention). I was also trying to see
how I could marry the two smoker barrels together to make a double smoker with a single fire source. Maybe
even stack them to make a super tall smoker. I dunno. Just tossing around ideas. I'd hate to just throw it out as
it is still serviceable with a couple mods.

Any creative ideas out there?

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