What have you had for breakfast lately?

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Yup, think of it along the lines of "heated salmon".
It's only been about 15 years since I last tasted heated salmon. I was visiting my sister in California and we went out to lunch with some of her friends. The resto had a table d'hote and the appetizer was "fire kissed salmon tartar". They assured me that it was just a little bit on the outside, done with a blow torch. I scraped off all of the bits that were visibly heated. I tasted a bit that looked raw. Yuck. I tasted a bit from further in. Yuck. My sister had no complaints about getting an extra salmon appetizer.
Blueberry oatmeal pancakes this morning. I also put vanilla, egg, and buttermilk in the batter. Topped with a drizzle of raw homey and maple syrup.

Not fond of "blood sausage" then Dragn?? :ROFLMAO: Bit of an acquired taste I think! (I am surprised I like it, as I am fairly squeamish!) Have you tried it? (My American friend is coming over for a second visit next month and I am trying (mostly in vain) to persuade her to try it!) I don't like the type that has big lumps of fat in it :sick: - but the sausage itself I find very tasty!

Also, after that lot, not surprised you couldn't move! (I entirely approve of baked beans btw, but if I was having those, I would have to lose one of the other elements - just too much!)
No full English Breakfast for you?
Made grandson a scrambled egg and toast this morning, then I helped myself to some of last night's supper, (tator tot casserole) and the dessert, (peaches, blueberry crumble).

That was 7:30, then about 8:30, after they were picked up for swim lessons, I made myself a poached egg on 2 hash brown patties. Very yummy.

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