What have you had for breakfast lately?

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If I want something savory then usually planned overs from the night before. Greens if possible with veggie brown basmati rice. Something sweet, fruit, carrot slaw, fermented 9 grain flakes, flax and chia seeds, cinnamon. If breakfast hunger doesn't come until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, then that's when it is.
No picture, but we went out for brunch to 1 of our favorite diners. Craig had a turkey club. I had country fried steak with sausage gravy, 2 over medium eggs, grits, and a bagel. Plus, I had their iced coffee, for which they make ice cubes with coffee, so it doesn't get watered down. Brought the whole bagel home, and half of the rest.
Kgirl... at the moment I'm with DH. ;)

One day I'll have to get up the nerve to have some avocado again. :ermm: Haven't had any since about 1976 or '77. :cry: Just made me so ill. but up until then I ate them all the time, the classic shrimp, English Salad Dressing with Seafood Sauce in a halved avocado.
Today my Sunday brunch will consist of a caffe Americano, maybe two; a fritatta with diced potatoes, diced bell pepper, Italian sausage and whatever else I think looks appropriate at the time (turkey would not be appropriate!); a Portuguese sweet roll, and I have a bottle of bubbly from Thanksgiving dinner and some orange juice, so I will be making a mimosa.
I mixed some oats in my pancake batter with vanilla, egg, and milk then mashed a ripe banana in it. I smeared creamy Jiff peanut butter on them and drizzled maple syrup and honey on them. Yum. Very tasty!
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