What have you had for breakfast lately?

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Walnut, Cashew, Almonds w/Blueberries and Apple juice .......grind the nuts w/Blueberries and blend w/cup of Apple juice then add collagen and some electrolytes together with a fresh press of Ethiopian coffee, Jaggery (Palm sugar), fresh cream, then strap in...........
Breakfast yesterday was bacon, biscuit, and over-easy eggs.

I made a huge overstuffed omelet for breakfast for hubby and I to share. Filling consists of peppers, onion, garlic, cremini mushrooms, bacon, spinach, some leftover shredded chicken, havarti and cheddar cheese. Yummy!

This morning my last 2 eggs to be poached in the electric poacher that was a Christmas gift to my Mom from my bro back in the mid-50's... think it developed a leak into the base and shorted itself out. LOL - I kept switching it on to finish cooking those poor eggs.
Now I've just spent a good hour or so on Amazon and other places trying to find one that will last more than a month - according to almost all the reviews!

Sigh they just don't mak'em like they used to! 1956 to 2024 = 68 years! I should put it in a museum somewhere, in memorandum. Poaching water measurer sat on top of the lid, little lift handle for the poacher long gone, outside black handles on broken, one gone. Look careful and you can see the marks inside the lid for hard/med/soft boiled eggs. Made by Sunbeam.


I woke up late today and just to get it out of my fridge, I tried to eat the potato soup I made earlier this week. I had made the Bear Creek cheese and potato soup mix but like an idiot, I just had to add cheese to it. Two cups, to be exact. I also added bacon and sour cream to it but nothing takes away the fact that I basically just made a gag-me cheese soup. So two bowls into it, into the garbage it goes.

Also, the bits of potato in this soup were hard, like uncooked rice, but that's my fault, too. According to directions, the soup is supposed to simmer in hot water for 15 minutes, but I didn't have a kettle big enough to simmer it all. So I just poured the hot water in and hoped for the best. I hoped in vain.

Guess I'll stick with what I know and tomorrow will be scrambled eggs and sausages.
Yesterday (3/2) I had a 3 egg omelette with roast beef, pepperoncini and mozzarella cheese, a toasted dinner roll, and a Pepsi Zero Sugar.

Today (3/3) I will have huevos rancheros, country hash browns, a green salad , and a mimosa.
Went out for breakfast. I had banana/chocolate chip pancakes and sausage. Craig had the house made corned beef hash, fried eggs and rye toast.

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