What is your favorite basic meal?

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I don't think I can answer this. So much of what I crave is flexible and changes with my mood. Red meat? Steak or rack of lamb. Pasta? Carbonara of spaghetti and meatballs. Soups? Too many choices. ETC.
I have to agree with Andy - that being said when I have my morning eggs - whether poached, fried, etc and whether or not there are a bunch of extra tidbits along side (mushrooms, onions, leftover vegies), I absolutely close my eyes to savour the egg, each and every time.
Pasta. I'll put just about anything together and make a pasta dish out if it. Generally I use dried pasta simply because I can't resist the Al dente factor. Oh, yeah, eggs, could never live without eggs.
I once had to go without eggs for almost 2 years before I slowly started to eat them again. Think that's when I really learned to savour them.
Basic mesl?
Ain't got one...

I'm bad at following s recipe, but good at not following a recipe
I only have a Summer favourite basic meal : Spaghetti with a quick sauce made from fresh cherry tomatoes and fresh basil (from my garden, preferably).
I can't answer that, either, though in the summer, when harvesting tomatoes constantly, there are several dishes I make repeatedly, with slight variations. One is a pasta dish with basil, garlic, and tomatoes - all from the garden - with the best EVOO I have on hand, and some hot pasta is mixed with the raw "sauce" - the first thing I'll make every season when I get 2 lbs of ripe tomatoes.
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For me, my favorite "basic" meal would be pizza. There are so many variations, but a good NYC style slice of cheese pizza, or maybe a pepperoni slice, will make me happy just about any time.

A deep fried, deli sized (3oz) hot dog, with horseradish mustard and Ted's hot dog sauce, on a sausage bun, and shoestring fries. There goes my A1c!

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My favorite basic meal is economical, affordable, easy to make, local, and fast. So that's the reason I eat roast or sauteed potatoes with some type of vegetable and a piece of meat at least once a week.
It's not creative or original, but it hits the spot and meets all the above criteria which makes it a valuable addition to my repertoire.
I would think that a basic meal for that reason is something different depending on the country or location of the person asked.
Basic. A lot of my meals are basic. Half a plate of starchy vegetables like oil free air fried potatoes, or brown basmati rice, or grains, or beans. Half a plate of whatever vegetables we might have on hand mixtures or individual ones.
Today I might warm up some broccoli or collards, with baked beans or veggie rice. I have some stir fry w/bean sprouts from yesterday, so maybe that.
One of my favorites is the breakfast veggie hash which has half starchy veg and half other vegetables with a little ketchup.
I can eat pretty much as much as I want which turns out to be between 2-3 cups, and I'm full.
Certainly! My absolute favorite basic meal at KFC is the Original Recipe Fried Chicken, a true classic that never disappoints. The blend of 11 secret herbs and spices in the crispy coating gives the chicken a distinctive and mouthwatering flavor. The outer layer achieves the perfect balance of crunchiness and tenderness, making each bite a delightful experience.

To complement the star of the meal, I always opt for a side of menu KFC's signature coleslaw. The coleslaw's crisp cabbage and carrots, combined with the creamy and slightly tangy dressing, provide a refreshing contrast to the savory richness of the fried chicken. It adds a nice balance to the overall meal and brings a burst of flavor that enhances the dining experience.

And let's not forget about the warm and flaky biscuit that completes the ensemble. The biscuit, with its golden-brown exterior and soft interior, serves as the perfect vessel for sopping up any remaining chicken juices or adding a touch of honey for an extra layer of sweetness.

The combination of the Original Recipe Fried Chicken, coleslaw, and biscuit creates a symphony of flavors and textures that I find irresistible. It's a timeless and satisfying choice that captures the essence of KFC's delicious offerings.
The question didn't include "at KFC." Are you advertising, or are you a bot?
I guess pasta and some sort of tomato based sauce with meat (bolognese or meatballs) because this is something my DH would eat every day. I like to change it up a bit more but if that makes him happy I try to include this several times a month.
Grilled cheese and tomato soup. But it’s gotta be white American cheese from the deli and a can of Campbell's tomato soup. Sometimes I grill it on pumpernickel or dark rye but usually on regular white. It’s just basic comfort food.
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