What is your favorite fried food

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I have had a lot of fried food in my lifetime, probably enough to kill most men.

I like pretty much anything fried, but there is one particular thing that stands out way beyond the rest.

I'm talking about Chesapeake bay soft shell crabs. These things are completely delectable. They are crabs that have recently molted their hard shell and are only available about twice a year. They peal the top shell off along with the lungs & guts, and the rest gets lightly (Egg wash & flour) breaded, then deep fried.

So you take one of these things, and put it on a hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce. It looks like a tarantula sammich, but it is incredibly good.
Well not to be touting the virtues of any kinda fried foods yet again by any means..but thinking the Fried Twinkies sounds purty good. Dont even get some of us started on fried butter. Kindly dont try the XXX Virgin wild caught salmon which needs the chill knocked off etc This is sounding purty kinky. I am getting upset. We all love Sarah.
Fried chicken rice is my favorite fried food, i make this recipe on every week ends at my home. This recipe is favorite of me and my family.

that sounds delightful and homey...perhaps youd care to share ?:D
I think I have to go with Axlelift, only go Walleye and then Perch, and can be Lake Erie or Burt Lake.


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