What to do with sour cream

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Nov 9, 2020
so I use sour cream in a recipe and the rest just sits there until I throw it out. It has happened many times. Any suggestions on how to use it?
Also as garnish on tacos. In many recipes, sour cream can be substituted for yogourt and vice versa.

You can use it to make quark, which is very much like cream cheese. Instructions for making quark. That thread also has suggestions for ways to use quark.
use in pancake batter in biscuit recipes, nixed with seasoning salt as a dressing for sliced cucumbers, to make ranch dressing, to make blue cheese dressing, combine with vanilla and cream cheese, and sugar to make a cheesecake flavored topping for graham crackers, and I haven't hardly scratched the surface of how many ways sour cream can be used. It can even be used in cake icings.

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Add a dollop of sour cream to your scrambled eggs, french toast, omelet, etc...

A mixture of sour cream and chunky salsa makes a nice salad dressing.

Add sour cream to mayonnaise for a cabbage salad dressing, tuna salad, chicken salad, etc...

For dessert try this simple recipe.

1 bunch seedless grapes washed and stemmed.
1 cup sour cream
2 T brown sugar

Combine sour cream and brown sugar spoon over chilled grapes or add grapes stir to coat and chill prior to serving.

Also 5 cup ambrosia salad.

Combine and chill 1 cup of each ingredient for at least an hour before serving to soften/melt the marshmallows.
Mini marshmallows
Sweetened shredded coconut
Sour cream
Mandarin oranges drained
Pineapple tidbits drained

You can also add grapes or maraschino cherries to the basic mixture.
There are a few things you can do with sour cream.

One option is to make Deviled Eggs. Hard boil eggs, then cut them in half and remove the yolks. Mix the yolks with some sour cream, dijon mustard, salt, and pepper. Then put the mixture back into the egg whites and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Another option is to create a healthy dip for your next vegetable platter. Combine 1 cup of sour cream with 2 tablespoons of ranch dressing mix (or any other desired seasoning). Chill the dip before serving.

You can also add it in soup.

Pancakes and crepes
are another excellent option. Simply add a dollop of sour cream on top of your favorite recipe. The result is a delicious and decadent breakfast treat. And if you're feeling really ambitious, you can even use sour cream in place of butter in your pancakes or crepes for an ultra-rich experience. So don't let that sour cream go to waste - put it to good use in your kitchen!
I used to make pierogis, and the dough called for sour cream. the uncooked pierogi could be frozen. So aa good way too use up the sour cream, freeze and not have to worry about it spoiling or going to waste
We have been buying the sour cream in the squirt tube. I think its ™Daisy brand.
This tube lasts much longer than the plastic containers.
In fact I had some (it had been previously opened) that I found in the back of the fridge hiding. It had been there easily 2 months. So I tasted a drop and it was like new.
From now on I will buy the squirt tube. Its also very easy to use. Especially with tacos!
We like Daisy sour cream.

Just once we bought the squeeze bottle, mainly for tacos.

Used it up and went back to tubs. No idea why.

Time to revisit the squeeze tube.

I'll have to look for tubes. That would be great for taco night.

Or any other meal that adds a splotch of. Sometimes it's difficult and makes a mess getting it to the dish or off the spoon.
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