What's your weather like right now? 2023 Edition

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Our grass has dandruff...
It's been raining much of the day, and after a brief lull, it has started raining harder - the radar in the area is in the yellows and oranges - looks like the reds are going east of me, but it is supposed to get worse later. 2-3" of rain was forecast, but it might end up more. It's been in the low 60s most of the day, and it wasn't windy at all earlier, but that's coming later, too. Hope nobody here was in any of those bad areas, where this storm is coming from.
We are having rain from that same system as is raining on pepperhead. There were fears of flooding because, the ground is frozen. The rain should continue until around 4AM and then heavy, wet snow is expected, with risk of power outages. Oh joy. Yeah, we are expecting some wind too.
We had big, poofy snowflakes at around 4 AM this morning, but the sun is shining now and we expect it to be at least mid-forties (Fahrenheit) today.
It was still raining around 9 am today, but it finally stopped 10:00, and a little sun showed up by 11:00. It may have snowed briefly, but not while I was awake! I got about 3¼" of rain, and it might get up to 46° today, after 64° yesterday! Windy again today, though not as windy as later yesterday.
The rain has started. It's unseasonably warm at about 7°C (45°F). This rain is from that system travelling north along the US East coast and causing problems. We have a rain warning.
Rain, heavy at times is expected. The frozen ground has a reduced ability to absorb this rainfall.

Rainfall amounts of 40 to 70 millimetres are expected between this evening and Monday evening. Mild temperatures will cause the snow cover to melt, which will further contribute to runoff and raise the water level of some rivers. Fog patches may accompany the rain.


Localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible.
The warmest I saw the temperature outside today was 62° - about 15° above average - and it started raining on and off around 12 pm, and steadily around 3 pm. I started hearing the hain hitting the windows hard, about 11 pm, and it is supposed to get even heavier, overnight, lasting until 7 or 8 am. 2-4" forecast for the area.
Funny (sort of )
how in early Winter we would rather have snow than rain....
and then in early Spring we would rather have rain than snow!
It looks like it was over 3" of rain here, though I didn't go out there to measure, since it's still coming down lightly. It got up to 63° here overnight, but started coming down by 8 am - 58° - and 55° by noon.

Update - it was over 3½", when I went out and measured it, in the straight sided bucket.
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Raining for the last 24 hours straight 7 degrees C. Last year same time the biggest snow fall of the season, people snowed in for multiple days.
Light rain today. Looks like we didn't get as much as expected. It should be around 20 mm by the time it stops tonight.
Our rain over the last couple of days, has now changed to snow. Let the dog out (5:10) and there was wind blown snow on the deck. Too dark to see the yard, not to mention too grumpy to care, knowing I was now up at this ruddy hour!

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