What's your weather like right now? 2023 Edition

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Our weather is ridiculous. It's almost midnight here and this is the weather. 17°C = 63°F.
Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 23-35-41 Montréal QC - 7 Day Forecast - Environment Canada.png
It got to 84° in my back today, but 63° is the forecast high tomorrow, and 54° for Halloween! And later in the week, Wednesday night or Thursday night, 33° for a low. Which is why I harvested most of my peppers today - not much time left for them!
Its 8:30PM and 70F/21C on Halloween its suppose to be 57F/14C-37F/3C. Praise the Lord the summer had many 100F/38C+ days and it's a humid sticky heat like walking into a sauna you cannot escape for months on end.. Summer is from May-October.
We're expecting a clear but chilly Halloween. Today the weather dropped from a low of 18°C overnight to 11°C at around 18h (6 PM), when I was cooking supper outside, on the hibachi. Yes, that's right. The overnight low was higher than the temperature in the daytime. It has been dropping steadily since 10:00h (10 AM)
Earlier today (around 8:30 am) it was 59°, and has only gotten to 63° by noon. Mostly cloudy, a few drops of rain, but nothing measurable. Only supposed to get to 64° today.
Yesterday it was 80. I wore shorts and a T-shirt. Today it's rainy and currently 44 and I'm in sweats neck-to-ankles. Our high of 54 was at midnight, so it's been a rather blah day.
We had a high of 6°C today and some people saw a few snow flurries. It's currently at 5°C (41°F). We're expecting some wet snow tomorrow.
We'll have rain where taxy is having snow. Just checked the weather in my old haunts. Feel for you guys - First snow equals everyone forgetting how to drive in it. Going to be numerous fender benders today, eh?
Many still won't have their snow tires on. Garages will be inundated with calls!
It got up to 70° today, but it dropped to 54° already, and has rained .12" already. 54° is supposed to be the high tomorrow, and windy. Wednesday is going to be colder, and Wednesday night might freeze - probably not, but I can't take chances, which is why I drained my pipes outside. It's heating up again by the weekend, though only a little over average.
Deck has undetectable frozen "black ice" on it as at 9pm. Poor dog slipped onto her butt when going out for her nightly. I usually go with her but when I saw that I reached back for my cane and trod very, very carefully over to the steps. Plus I held on the the rails on the way down and back up.

Ahhh, winter is upon us.
It's currently 1°C (34°F). It was 1°C when I got up. It got all the way up to 4°C from about 14:00 to 17:00. I feel sorry for the kids who are trick or treating, but, it's Canada, eh?
Last night was the coldest so far, getting down to 29° on my back thermometer. Only supposed to get to 52° for a high today, which is about 5° below average. There was still frost at 10 am - I was too lazy to go out and clean the car off, to go to Aldi, when they open, so I'll just go later; though I don't usually do that, they have the crimini for sale, @.99 for half lb, and butter @$2.49/lb, which I have to stock up on...cookie season is almost here!

Update - 42° must still be too cold for most (or they just haven't gotten used to it yet!), because there were very few customers at Aldi, at 11 am. I got my 6 lbs of butter, a couple lbs of cremini, some 95¢ celery, and a couple of other things. I have to check my freezer inventory, and see if I have enough now, or should get another 6 lbs of butter (limit for the deal).

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