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A question on mushrooms

when you cut them up do you separate the stems from the bulbs or use the the whole mushroom?

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It depends on what the mushrooms are to be used for. For stuffed mushrooms, or to use jumbo caps in place of burger bums, I remove the stems. For an attractive presentation in stir fries, and soups, I eave the stems on. If I'm using the mushrooms for flavor, as in a pasta sauce, I roughly chop them. For duxelles, the mushrooms are minced. If they are to be battered, and deep fried, they are left whole.

Like with most foods, different uses call for different treatment of the ingredient.

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I do one of three things
1) Cut them up with the stem still attached
2) Remove the stem, and just cut up the caps ( saving the stems to dehydrate or use in stock)
3) Cut the stems so what's left is even with the base of the cap, then slice.

For presentation, sometimes you'll get better looking slices if you either remove the stem or cut it so its even with the base of the cap. Makes sliding a bit easier ( slice stem side down, more stable)

All the above is assuming I will be just slicing the mushrooms
If I am mincing them or rough chopping them, I'll likely remove the base of the stem if it looks dirty or ratty looking, the just chop away.

Im not sure what my deciding factor is as to why I do any of the above.
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I agree with all of the above. But note that some mushrooms have really lousy stems. Not sure which ones as I only use pretty generic mushrooms... so just Google the 'shroom you're using.
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My above reply was geared towards White button, cremini, baby Bella or shrooms of that general size/ shape ...

Shiitakes and Portobellos I will remove the stem completely

Oyster, enoki I will cut off the base but use the stems ( sometimes the oyster mushrooms stems are tough so I may discard if they are).

King oysters, the stem is my favorite part. I cut them in discs and stir fry them up. I love their consistency.

Any part of any mushroom which I remove and im not incorporating into the dish will be cleaned of debris, dried , and made into mushroom powder for future use.

I usually sift the mushroom powder, as there are sometimes little bits that dont quite grind up. I store them in a separate jar.

I used mushroom powder for soups and breads ( I think I may have gotten the bread idea from someone here in DC).
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It definitely depends on what mushrooms you´re cooking with, and as Larry says above, how you´re going to use them.
Common or garden button mushrooms usually just get sliced whole or diced. I don´t bother to remove the stem unless it´s damaged or tough. Same goes with Crimini or chestnut mushrooms. Large portobello mushrooms - I usually cook these whole, so the stalk ( which tends to be thick and woody) gets removed and used for stock. Oyster mushrooms? The ones I buy here have a very woody stalk, so I usually slice that off.
I´ve found some mushrooms have very tough stalks, in which case, I remove them - good for stock or for drying.
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mushroom, mushrooms

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