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I'm so sorry, ITK. What a let-down. But Sattie is right, the perfect furry friend is out there waiting for you. Maybe this little dog didn't work out because there is another one who is really meant to be with you. I hope you find him soon.
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I feel so alone when something like this happens. Knowing you two would feel disappointed too only relieves me to know that my feelings are normal. I just can't understand why this person kept calling during the week and then she said she wants it. She offered me another dog that was available I couldn't take it.

thanks for understanding.
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Originally Posted by In the Kitchen View Post
How many do you have now? What better life could you have than living it with your cats?
I have six now but had at one time up to about 20 visiting my house every day for food including my eight in the house. Some of those had homes to go to and some I even knew the owners but others were genuine strays that relied on me for food. Now that I only have the six plus one daily (inside) visitor it seems a breeze!! There are still cats that visit during the night for food but they have to live on biscuits and water plus any bits of mince that they find on the lawn for the birds. Not very many come by now.

Originally Posted by B'sgirl
You should write a manual about that for a friend of mine. She has 8 cats and takes in every stray. She's had 3 cat bites that required the emergency room and antibiotics in the past 2 months and last week one scratched her niece who was staying with her and she had to go get vaccinations (the cat and the child). She can't bear to give up any of her cats though--I guess they fill in the void for losing her husband and having no children.
I also put him in time out when he is too naughty. He either gets shut in the toilet or the bathroom for a couple of minutes only. I wait until he has meowed twice and then let him out with a lecture and a cuddle. It just breaks his line of thought for a while. He has a bit of brain damage I think from the car accidents and he gets very naughty when he wants to be fed, go to the toilet or wants me to go to bed with him. Just like a toddler!! Deal with the first two and he calms down too!

ITK, while it is sad that you haven't got that particular dog, it is heartwarming that she decided that she wanted to keep the dog. Well at least the dog should be happier in not being uprooted. You will get a dog. Just not that one. Another thing you can do is ask at your local church or school if you can put up a notice on their billboards. People always want to get rid of animals. It's how I've ended up caring for so many over the years.
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