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nicenick 05-25-2006 12:14 AM

Time and temp for electric roaster
I am new at this and also cooking for a group of people..I need advise on how to cook a 14lb top sirloin roast in a electric roaster. I been told to have it like 250 degrees, but how long and will it be good. I have 2 of them to cook and dont wanna ruin them, thanks, nick

Gretchen 05-25-2006 06:48 AM

I think that is too low. I think an electric roaster is like an oven--at least my mother's was. When I cook a TOP sirloin roast (this is what you would cut up for sirloin steak--very tender) I cook it at 350* to an internal temp of 130* with a resting period of 45 minutes for that size. It will take maybe 3 hours, especially in an electric roaster where the efficiency of heat retention is not as great--but I would check it beginning at 2 hours.
You will not get two in at the same time, I am sure.

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