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Today I made a couple of loaves of Russian black bread - something I got the idea for when I found a bag of wheat bran in the freezer, as this recipe has 2 c of bran. That, plus the 4 c of rye flour, gives a fairly dense bread, with just 2½ c wheat flour, though I added some gluten, to make up for this.
Two 2 lb loaves of Russian Black Bread. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Woops - I forgot I baked this on the new year! Oh well, it tastes the same...
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I think they are beautiful. But, I can see why you didn't consider their appearance to be perfect. Who cares? They puffed up beautifully. They didn't have a crust on top. Your brother is right. They are perfect, for the purpose.
I guess I should have said, I couldnt make this in my food processor, even though it has a dough attachment because of the volume, so I kneaded it by hand for about 10 minutes. Once I got into a rhythm it was actually okay. And I "proved" it for a lot longer than the recipe said. (Because of my long lost brother turning up!) So they turned out great - for reasons not connected to the recipe! However, I must admit, they are good buns! So I would use this recipe again.
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