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BeeRich said:
I've never had those. What's in 'em? Jalapeno peppers hollowed out with what inside?

You can use all different stuff in them. I usually just put cream cheese mixed with pulled pork, a little bit of rub and some honey. Wrap that bad boy in bacon and cook them up.
So they usually have a explosion of flavour, I would expect. How do you empty a pepper? With a melon baller type thing? I should try this.
I cut mine in half and scrape them out with a mellon baller. Some just cut the tops off the stem end and I guess use a corer to make room for the stuffing.
I half them, clean them out with a teaspoon, and stuff them with a mixture of cream cheese, shredded chedder cheese, chives and garlic salt. Wrap them in bacon and smoke em. Make twice as many as you think you need and it still wont be enough. You'll always be asked to bring them every time you go to a party. No finished pic. I was tired of wrestling with the phone pics and too lazy to go out to the truck for the camera.

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