advice for taking cheesecakes on a long trip

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Nov 30, 2004

For the holidays we travel 6 hours away to visit family. This year, there's going to be a lot of people there. So my plan is to make a few cheesecakes and slice them up and make samplers. (I have family here at home that I will leave a sampler for, as well).

So I'm wondering 1) Will the cheesecakes need to go in a cooler for the trip, or will they be fine just in plastic covered dishes?

Also, silly question, but does anybody know where to find those little slits of paper that go in between the slices of cheesecake? Or can I just use wax paper?

Thanks. :D
Badscooter, I would put the cheesecakes in a cooler since it is a rather long trip. I don't know where to find the little strips of paper but I am pretty sure that wax paper or parchment paper will do the trick for you. Oh, just remember that the only silly question is the one that you don't ask! :D
Yes, I would put them in a cooler. Or if you can get any styrofoam boxes like Omaha Steaks are shipped in (SAM's also gets there salmon in very handy stryofoam boxes)

Parchment paper is what I would use.
Thanks, crewsk and Rainee. I appreciate the help. I've been making cheesecakes for a few years, and I love it. But every year I say to myself, "I need to figure out a better way to do this..." So each year I try to make not just the recipes better, but the whole process from baking to serving.
I would probably make some arrangements to keep it cool for the trip for a couple of reasons. First is because it probably contains dairy and eggs (but I don't know your recipe). Second would be texture ... unless you like cheesecake soup.

For the second question - wax paper or parchment paper should both work very well. Since the cheesecake will not be hot, or heated, you shouldn't have to worry about it tasting like an old crayon if you use waxed paper.

If you want the things you see in a bakery .... go to a bakery and ask them if they will sell you some. Not every bakery will be kind - but most will. If your favorite grocery store has a bakery that uses them - that would be your best bet.
Just remember dry ice is 109° below zero, so it will freeze unless you add a barrier (of newspaper, etc).
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